Christine Boland – Symbiotic Scenarios – 17 November Fashion I Design I Lifestyle I Interiors I Colours for Winter 22-23

Symbiotic Scenario’s – Winter 22 in four practical themes

The continuing insecurity engendered by the pandemic – in the sense that it doesn’t seem to pass – is driving people apart. Different ‘camps’ continue to form, crystallising around varying opinions and ideas, whether substantiated by facts or not. Some are also becoming more extreme in how they choose to express this cleavage. The current time needs us to start listening more closely to each other, to look at other people in the round, in more depth, to facilitate the building of bridges. A search for a fresh equilibrium in which people do not live alongside each other but rather live with each other. Not remote from, but inside nature’s ecosystem. At a manageable pace, within a human scale. Design, as always, serves up some pretty impressive examples. On the catwalk, in architecture, food, art and music we see diverging influences symbiotically blend. This results in a fascinating new design language and delightful concepts, not only limited to fashion, interiors and colours, but also embracing entire lifestyles.

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Wednesday 17 november 2021 16:00-17:00 CET

In this online live event Christine will reveal what the trends are for winter season 2022-23. She will show how you can translate this information to influence your own collection, brand or business. If you acquire an understanding of where trends come from, you will be well equipped to apply this knowledge in your own professional field.

The presentation is including Q&A.

LIVE ONLINE – with 2 week replay Buy your ticket here.

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