Christian Serratos Has a Message for Selena Quintanilla Fans That Are Hesitant About Netflix Series

There’s more to Netflix’s Selena: The Series than meets the eye.

Yes, people may remember Jennifer Lopez‘s 1997 film by heart, but Selena Quintanilla lived a life full of love and triumph that even a movie couldn’t do justice—and that’s why Christian Serratos wants Selena fans to give the Netflix show a chance. 

She tells The BingE! Club‘s Erin Lim that because it’s a series, the writers are given “so much more time” to paint a fuller picture of who Selena really was. 

Christian, who thought she was a super fan prior to taking on the role, adds, “I was pretty well-versed in all things Selena when it came to like her more famous years when she was really taking off in her early 20’s. But I learned a lot on this show.”

Plus, Christian says that the Quintanilla family’s involvement in the series gives “incredible insight into her life before she was the star that we know her to be now.”


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