Chrissy Teigen Claps Back After Being Accused Of Photoshopping Her Butt

Chrissy Teigen, Instagram 2020


Do not come for Chrissy Teigenor her John Legendleggings.

Teigen took to Instagram on Thursday to show fans the truly bizarre things that sometimes arrive at her and Legend’s home. This time, she was gifted a pair of black leggings with her husband’s face inside a red heart on the back of each leg. In a peak Teigen move, the star posed on all fours in the leggings, her booty facing the camera, and wrote in her caption, “we get … really random stuff sent to the house.”

One Instagram user didn’t approve of the pose, though, and accused Teigen of Photoshopping the image to make her butt look bigger.

“Photoshopped,” they wrote. “Why didn’t it look like that when John was in the jacuzzi like ‘wth is that.'” The jacuzzi photo the user is referencing is most likely the one from July 2019, which showed Teigen, Legend and their son, Miles, in a hot tub on vacation. It became a meme because of the look on The Voice coach’s face, seemingly displeased while looking at Teigen’s derriere.

Of course, Teigen clapped back at the trolls unfairly judging her body then, and she’s clapping back at them now. And the ever trusty @CommentsByCelebs account documented it all.

As she wrote, “maybe you’ve just never seen a girl in this position before but it’s good for looking like you have an ass.”

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