Chinese women are being fired for getting pregnant after being forced to sign contracts agreeing not to have kids

CHINESE women are being fired for getting pregnant after being forced to sign contracts agreeing not to have kids.

Women are reportedly asked about their marriage status and how many children they have when applying for jobs.

 Woman in china face discrimination in the workplace if they choose to have a baby


Woman in china face discrimination in the workplace if they choose to have a babyCredit: Getty – Contributor

And it’s not uncommon for bosses to only extend a job offer to a married woman without kids if she agrees to sign a “special agreement”.

These “agreements” are illegal contracts which say the woman will not get pregnant – and see them lose their jobs if they do.

Most women have no choice but to sign – it’s either put off having kids, or be unemployed.


Laws in China state that men are entitled to two weeks paternity leave, whereas women get 14 weeks – but bosses refuse to shell out for the mothers.

As China’s leader, Xi Jinping becomes the first communist leader of China to usher women into the home, lawmakers turn a blind eye to dodgy-dealings for female employees.

“No Communist leader before Xi has dared to openly say that women should shoulder the domestic burden,” Wang Zhen, professor of women’s studies and history at the University of Michigan said.

“When the state policymakers needed women’s hands, they sent them to do labour, now they want to push women into marriage and have a bunch of babies,” she added.


And it’s not just academics who have noticed the trend – shocking figures show that China has dropped 46 places in the ranking for the World Economic Forum’s global gender gap in the last decade.

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The communist state once enjoyed one of the highest rates of female participation in the work force in the world, now the figures have dipped to just 61 per cent.

The New York Times reports that as well as these figures, women can be fired for getting pregnant.

Chinese officials are reportedly trying to kick-start a baby-boom following an age crisis as a result of their draconian “one child policy”.

Introduced in 1979, the policy regulated how many children couples could have with government imposed contraceptives – the only exception was in the countryside couples could have a second child if the first was a girl.

China also has a shameful history of female infanticide, with even now a much higher rate of female children being aborted than male.

As well as policing family life, China has a complicated history of extreme security measures, secret prisons and phone-checks which could land citizens in “re-education camps”.

With numbers now showing that employers are beginning to impose harsh measures to ensure their work force don’t take extended time off, 54 per cent of women in China say they have been asked to share their marriage and child-bearing status to potential employers.

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