Chinese state media praises Scott Morrison for Gladys Liu response – politics live

More questions have been raised about Liu, as the government faces criticism for capitulating to One Nation on the family law inquiry. All the day’s events, live

It’s a red letter day on RN for Hamish MacDonald today. Pauline Hanson is up next.

She is talking about the family law inquiry. Asked what evidence she has that women make up domestic violence allegations in the family court, she says she has submissions from men telling her that is the case.

Meanwhile, the AFP has sent this to all members and senators ahead of Friday’s climate strikes:

Climate Strike Protest – 20 September 2019

Various environmental issue-motivated groups (IMGs) have proposed widespread protest activity across Australia on Friday 20 September 2019. The IMGs are seeking to promote action on climate change in a show of solidarity with other protests occurring internationally. Protest activity is likely to be vocal with banners and signs used to promote the protest cause. At this stage there are at least 140 protests planned nationwide.

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