Chevalier d’eon: Collection “A Bride Abattue”

Playing with codes and breaking the rules, Chevalier d’éon dives into its horseman heritage and revisits the saddlery spirit to propose a unbridled and equivocal vision.

Universes and materials are mixed. Leather, metal and silk come together to create aesthetic and subversive compositions that arouse our senses without restraint: “à bride abattue”.


Chevalier d’éon is a french brand created in 2018, born of passion for beautiful things, hedonism, art of living and a taste for well-done work.

A search for excellence that Chevalier d’éon brand honours with a unique piece that crosses borders and time – the square scarf. Symbol of nobility, refinement, and seduction, the square scarf is the ultimate dash of style that sublimates the silhouette.

The brand own a strong visual identity that is expressed through personal and original graphic creations, specific to its elegant and unconventional universe.

Playing with codes and reinterpreting them, Chevalier d’éon creates unique and enigmatic Luxury scarfs for women and men of character freeing themselves from conventions. Chevalier d’éon square scarves accompany questing contemporary aesthetes with elegance and refinement on their own epic journeys.

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