Chelsea legend Gianluca Vialli given all-clear from cancer after second battle with the disease

Gianluca Vialli has been given the all-clear following a 17-month battle with pancreatic cancer.

The former Chelsea player-manager and Italy international previously announced in 2018 that he had won a battle with cancer in the preceding year.

One year later, however, Vialli was once again fighting the disease.

But recent tests have shown no sign of the illness following two cycles of chemotherapy treatment.

“I am fine,” Vialli told Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

“In December I finished 17 months of chemotherapy, one cycle of eight months and another of nine. It was difficult, even for someone as tough as me, both physically and mentally.

“The tests showed no sign of the illness. I am happy, even if I say that under my breath to be on the safe side.

“Regaining my health means seeing myself in the mirror again, seeing the hair grow, not having to draw eyebrows on with a pencil. In that respect, I feel very fortunate compared to many others.

“I think of those brought to hospital and forced to die alone, their relatives not allowed near in case of contagion, funerals that could not be celebrated. It’s terrible.

“This crisis will leave enormous scars on the country; emotional, moral and economic scars.”


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