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At a rather rushed press conference in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, which is still going on, the mayor of the small city, Mike Elliott, is still answering questions.

Moments ago, a member of the public, who’s name we haven’t caught yet, asked Elliott what he was going to do about what the man said was a “long history of racial profiling” by police in the area.

“I’m going to tell you because I know, as a Black man,” the man said.

“When I watched the video [of Duante Wright being pulled over and shot by police on Sunday] it was triggering. What can you do going forward to make sure this racial profiling does not continue?”

The man added that the small city felt like a “sundown town”, a way of describing a historical term for a white supremacist community where it is made known that people of color are in danger after dark.

Brooklyn Center mayor calls for more community-based policing, names new acting chief

Brooklyn Center mayor Mike Elliott moments ago named police officer Tony Gruenig as the acting police chief of the small city on the outskirts of Minneapolis.

Brooklyn Center mayor Mike Elliott.

Brooklyn Center mayor Mike Elliott. Photograph: Kerem Yucel/AFP/Getty Images

This came after Elliott announced that police chief Tim Gannon had resigned.

There has been an upwelling of outrage that another young Black man has been killed by police during a seemingly minor traffic stop that escalated almost immediately as the police tried to handcuff Daunte Wright, 20, on Sunday afternoon.

Police officer Kim Potter, who is white, apparently reached for her Taser to stun Wright but drew her gun instead and shot him, he died shortly afterwards. Potter offered her resignation on Tuesday morning.

Elliott just said at the press conference that he thought there were 49 sworn officers serving in Brooklyn Center, which has a population of around 30,000. He only took over authority of the department yesterday after the city manager was fired.

Elliott said that as far as he knew, none of the serving officers actually live in Brooklyn Center.

“As of this moment I don’t believe even one of our officers live in Brooklyn Center, that’s something we are aware of,” Elliott said.

He added: “I do feel very strongly that you need officers to be from the community….there is a huge importance to having a significant number of our officers living in the community where they serve. It helps inform the culture of the department..and can only enhance the work of the officers.”

Police chief and officer resign over fatal shooting of Daunte Wright

The police chief in Brooklyn Center, the suburb of Minneapolis, where 20-year-old Daunte Wright was shot dead by an officer on Sunday afternoon has resigned.

Tim Gannon, the chief, submitted his notice on Tuesday afternoon, the mayor of Brooklyn Center, Mike Elliott, announced moments ago. An acting chief has been named.

The veteran officer who shot Wright, Kim Potter, who had been a police officer for 26 years, also resigned on Tuesday.

Potter shot Wright during a traffic stop on Sunday, with Gannon announcing on Monday that she had mistakenly drawn her gun instead of her Taser stun gun.

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