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Thank you, Charles Moore (No 10 told Charles Moore appointment could put BBC’s independence at risk, 27 September). He says: “Like the Church of England in the 19th century … I think the BBC should be disestablished.” That makes me a supporter of antidisestablishmentarianism. I’ve waited over 60 years for an opportunity to use that word!
Paul Dennehy

• If an accurate quotation, it reveals Charles Moore’s appalling historical ignorance. The Anglican church in England has never been disestablished. It was in Wales. If he is to be selected as chairman of the governors of the BBC, as has been suggested, one would expect a better understanding of our institutional past – a subject that the present government constantly stresses.
Professor Bill Sheils
University of York

• I agree with almost every word of Suzanne Moore’s piece, except the headline (British students are learning one lesson this term: trust no one, 28 September). From what I can see, students are learning very quickly to trust and look after one another. It is moving and hopeful, and in years to come I hope that this year’s students may well be an unstoppable force for change.
Mark Walford

• Your correspondent (Letters, 27 September) is confused. Putting the clocks back gives us one hour more, not less, of 2020, so let’s not do it.
Christina Baron
Wells, Somerset

• At what point does “panic buying” become “judicious forward planning” (Tesco limits sales of key items to stop Covid panic-buying, 25 September)?
John Armstrong
Hartest, Suffolk

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