Chanelle Hayes flaunts new hairline after confidence-boosting hair transplant

Chanelle Hayes has proudly showcased her improved head of hair after undergoing a hair transplant in February.

On Monday, the former Big Brother star, 33, took to her Instagram page to upload a selfie and revealed that she decided to give an update on the surgery as a number of her fans often request details.

She admitted that prior to her treatment that she would not style her locks with a headband as she wanted to hide her hairline, but says having the procedure has improved her confidence.

“Shameless selfie . I actually get a lot of people asking me for updates on my hair transplant progress so I thought I would post this pic,” she wrote.

“Never before would I have ever been able to wear a headband with my hair back like this because of the receding-ness at the sides. The hair is still thin as it’s new and not been a year yet. I am going to visit Dr Farjo at @farjohairinstitute in February for my year check up so will post again then.”

Chanelle Hayes is feeling confident after having her hair transplant

Promising more updates, she continued: “When the results are exactly how we want them I will be posting progress all the way from start to finish including during the procedure and monthly growth etc. So so happy that I can put my hair back like this. #hairtransplant#baldness#femalehairtransplant.”

In March, Chanelle shares intimate snaps of her hair transplant treatment process and shared on her decision to have the procedure done.

Chanelle wrote: “I’ve always had a masculine, high hairline and it’s always been something that’s bothered me and affected my confidence.

The reality TV personality has been open about the procedure

“With that being said, I didn’t want to just jump in without doing research and end up with a hairline disaster that could have ended up affecting my confidence even more. So I have (for literally YEARS) done research to find the very best surgeon available.”

The TV personality continued: “From the very first consultation to the end of a long day of surgery Dr Farjo and the team were completely professional and empathetic to how my hairline was affecting me.

“I was at ease throughout the whole 10 hour procedure and am so so sooooo excited to see what my new hairline will look like. We have a long way to go as the hair implanted falls out and grows back naturally so maybe 12 months or so until I get to see what my new hairline will look like.

Chanelle says her hair transplant has made her feel more confident

“It’s so taboo for some reason for females to discuss hair loss and so I wanted to be clear, open and transparent about the whole thing. Would I love to have a long, thick head of shiny hair naturally? Yes, but I don’t. So I am working with what I have.”

And during the honest message to her 105,000 followers, Chanelle revealed she’s been wanting to look more feminine and confident.

She continued: “And getting a FUT method hair transplant was the first step to looking feminine, becoming more confident and gaining back some of my lost self esteem that ran away with my hair!

“Please feel free to ask me anything about the procedure and I will answer whatever I can xxx #hairtransformation #hairtransplant #surgery #recovery #beforeandafter #selfesteem #confidence #loveyourself.”


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