Celtic and Rangers roadmap to joining PSG and co in France's Ligue 1 outlined by economist

Celtic and Rangers have been tipped to ditch the Scottish Premiership to join Neymar and Paris Saint-Germain in France’s Ligue 1. There has been talk for decades that the two Glaswegian clubs could join the Premier League after dominating Scotland.

Economist Jean-Pascal Gayant has suggested a very different way in which Celtic and Rangers could make their matches more competitive.

France’s top league has been hit by the collapse of a TV deal and some clubs have encountered serious financial trouble.

Gayant reckons the solution could be to bring Celtic and Rangers over to the North Sea.

Gayant told SoFoot : “European football is characterised by a fragmentation that seems ever more anachronistic.

“Admittedly, the Champions League and the other European competitions form a system allowing the best teams to compete against each other on a recurring basis, but, in the national leagues, the gap between the big dogs and the lower-ranked continues to grow.

“One of the reasons for this growing imbalance is that the top names benefit from the resources of the Champions League.

“This is a real proposition, the Scottish league is a bit flawed: 12 teams meeting three times each, then five more games to find a way to end the season by trying to correct the structural imbalance.

“The two Glasgow teams dominate, so making room for these two Scottish clubs in our Ligue 1 seems to me to be an opportunity jointly for Scottish football as well as French football.”

Gayant did not stop there with this idea, he then proposed an exact roadmap which could make the all possible.

He continued: “As a first step, go to 16 teams in Ligue 1, or 18 possibly with the two Scottish teams.

“That way you create a competitive shock: with approximately the same wage bill spread over 16 or 18 teams rather than 20, the average quality numbers will increase and the clubs will have time to play European matches ‘to the full’.

“Of course, we have to cushion the shock for the clubs which will be relegated to Ligue 2 and the National League.

“We must therefore also create a professional Ligue 3, and even a mixed Ligue 4 with pro and non-pro clubs.

“Today the pro world is in a Malthusian obsession for fear of having to fund the lower leagues. It is a very short-term vision.”

Meanwhile, Celtic are still trying to find a replacement for ex-manager Neil Lennon was axed last month.


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