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San Francisco vape ban could hinder war on tobacco, say UK experts

San Francisco’s ban on sales of e-cigarettes could set back the war on smoking, according to public health experts in the UK who are doing everything they can to promote vaping as a way to quit. As shopkeepers in San Francisco contemplate having to clear their shelves of vaping devices before the new year after […]

‘Being diagnosed with cancer forced me to rethink my finances’

Name: Sarah MillsAge: 35Income: £300 a day, three days a weekOccupation: Freelance TV producer/writer A year ago I was diagnosed with stage three bowel cancer. I’d been passing blood so one day I called 111, who told me to immediately visit A&E. A few tests showed I was anaemic. I was told more tests would […]

Ask the experts: are we unnecessarily afraid of chemicals?

You asked How can we stop the public from being unnecessarily afraid of chemicals? The answer When parents raise concerns about synthetic chemicals as contributors to disease and disability, we shouldn’t dismiss them as “chemophobia”. We need to engage in evidence-based conversations about prevention. Evidence documented by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Endocrine Society, […]

Pollen count warning: Hottest weekend brings ‘very high’ pollen counts

The Met Office warned areas such as Yorkshire and Humber, North West England, Northern Ireland, East and West Midlands, Wales, East of England, London and South East and South West England all have very high grass pollen risk. Weed pollen will be very high for these areas and fungal spores. The Met Office warned asthma […]

Type 2 diabetes diet: Five smoothie recipes diabetics can drink without causing high blood

Type 2 diabetes  can be a daunting diagnosis. It is a life-long condition that can cause a host of serious health complications if left untreated. It also requires people to overhaul their diet in order to keep their weight down – a common culprit of the condition. Certain treats like smoothies may seem out of […]

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes, top deputy ordered to stand trial in 2020

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes and her former second-in-command at the Silicon Valley blood-testing startup were ordered on Friday to stand trial next year on fraud charges stemming from their claims about the company’s technology, court documents show. FILE PHOTO: Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of Theranos, attends a panel discussion during the Clinton […]

Children conceived in winter months 'are more likely to have autism'

Pregnant women who don’t get enough sunshine ‘are more likely to have children with dyslexia, autism or ADHD’, major study suggests21% of children conceived in February, March and April had a learning disabilityIn contrast, the figure was just 16.5% for youngsters conceived in June and JulyThe findings come from more than 400,000 youngsters living in […]

GPs are failing to spot two thirds of cancer cases, study claims

GPs are failing to pick up two thirds of cancer cases according to new research. Studies show for the first time how long patients have to wait for a diagnosis after first visiting their doctor’s surgery. 1 GPs are failing to pick up on two thirds of cancer cases, according to researchCredit: Getty – ContributorLarge […]

DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Homeopathy worked for me…so why not offer it on the NHS 

The Prince of Wales caused outrage among the scientific community this week. His crime? He’s become patron of the Faculty of Homeopathy, a 175-year-old organisation that promotes this alternative therapy.Homeopathy has come under sustained attack in recent years from doctors and scientists who say there is absolutely no evidence that it works. These critics have denounced […]

Lesbian women cervical screening myth is 'dangerous'

Image copyright Getty Images The “dangerous myth” that gay and bisexual women cannot get cervical cancer means thousands could be missing out on screening, NHS England says.Any sexual activity can pass on the HPV virus, which causes the vast majority of cervical cancers.But a survey suggests one in five LGB women has never been for […]

U.S wages lost to unpaid family care to hit $147 billion by 2050

As the U.S. population ages, the total annual cost of lost wages for unpaid family caregiving is on track to more than double, to reach $147 billion by 2050, a recent study suggests. The current economic cost of unpaid family care is about $67 billion and includes reduced work hours and foregone earnings for Americans […]

Early pregnancy stress tied to sons' infertility

Men may be more likely to experience fertility problems if their mothers endured stressful life events early in pregnancy, a recent study suggests. Compared to men with mothers who had stress-free early pregnancies, men whose mothers experienced one or more stressful life experiences were more likely to have lower testosterone, lower total sperm count, and […]

Myth that lesbian, gay and bisexual women can't get HPV is WRONG, NHS warns

Myth that lesbian, gay and bisexual women can’t get HPV is WRONG, NHS warns as it urges ‘everyone with a cervix’ to go to life-saving screening appointmentsHomosexual women may be skipping screening ‘because they think they’re safe’But the NHS has warned ‘cancer does not discriminate’ based on sexuality Everyone with a cervix should go to the […]

Nanny state tells us to cut ‘indoor pollution’ by opening windows while cooking

PEOPLE whose kitchens become smoky when they are cooking should try opening windows, experts advised yesterday. The nanny state update came as part of guidance to cut down “indoor pollution”. 1 Extractor fans should be turned on while cooking, experts have warnedCredit: AlamyThe National Institute for Health and Care Excellence warned windows should be opened […]

Cocaine and pufferfish combo nearly killed Florida man, 43

A Florida man who ate some pufferfish – a delicacy in Japan – after doing cocaine nearly lost his life over the indulgence.  Pufferfish contains a poison that is 1,200 than cyanide, which ruined the kidneys of 43-year-old man from Aventura, Florida, meaning he will spend the rest of his life on dialysis.   He went to the […]

Mothers' education can matter for diabetic kids

Family background can matter for the health of diabetic children, according to researchers in Denmark who found young patients’ blood sugar control was linked with the level of education their mothers had attained. “One of the first explanations that comes to mind is that unequal access to healthcare may be a factor linking family background […]

Missouri's only abortion clinic to stay open until at least August 1

(Reuters) – Missouri’s only abortion clinic will remain open for now after a state arbiter on Friday ordered a stay in response to Planned Parenthood’s challenge of the state health department’s refusal to renew the clinic’s license. A banner stating “STILL HERE” hangs on the side of the Planned Parenthood Building after a judge granted […]

How to get rid of visceral fat: Five foods to help you lose the dangerous fat

Visceral fat is sometimes referred to as ‘active fat’ because research has shown that this type of fat affects how our hormones function. If a person stores high amounts of visceral fat then they are more at risk of major health problems including diabetes, high blood pressure and a raised risk of heart disease. Visceral […]

French health watchdog recommends ending reimbursement for homeopathic drugs

PARIS (Reuters) – France’s health watchdog on Friday recommended that social security stop reimbursing patients for homeopathic drugs, citing insufficient effectiveness. For nine months the HAS watchdog investigated the effects of the alternative medicine on 24 medical conditions, including anxiety, foot warts and acute breathing infections and said it did not find sufficient scientific evidence […]

Stop drying clothes indoors and open windows when cooking to cut risks of indoor pollution, health bosses warn

PEOPLE are being warned to stop drying clothes indoors and always open a window when cooking to cut the risks from indoor pollution. Health bosses have today said we should be taking extra care to reduce harmful toxin levels in our homes for the sake of our health. 1 Health bosses are urging people to […]

Zika fears as Asian tiger mosquitoes carrying deadly disease reach Britain

FEARS of a potential Zika outbreak have been raised after mosquitoes carrying the deadly disease reached the UK. Experts have warned the Saharan heat bubble currently scorching Europe could entice a “plague of hungry mosquitoes” next week. 1 These are the European countries which have reported Asian tiger mosquito invasions for the past five years […]

Woman, 44, has baby after three failed IVF attempts when sperm-barren husband takes supplement

A couple has conceived naturally following three failed attempts at IVF – after they both started taking a supplement. Karen O’Brien, 44, had been trying for a baby with her partner, Allan Kennedy, for around five years before she finally became pregnant.The couple, from Dublin, claim doctors at fertility clinics had insisted Mrs O’Brien was ‘the […]

Thank you! With your help, we raised $150,000 for our Toxic America series

Thanks to the generous support of you, our readers, we have hit our goal and raised $150,000 to fund Toxic America, a six-month series which will investigate the health risks from exposure to chemicals in our everyday lives. We owe our readers an enormous thank you for helping us bring this ambitious project to life […]

Batches of three medicines for Parkinson's, epilepsy and blood clots are recalled

Batches of three drugs for Parkinson’s, epilepsy and blood clots are recalled over fears they were stored wrongly and could be ‘seriously ineffective’The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency gave the warning Certain batches of B&S Healthcare Clexane, Neupro and Vimpat are affectedIf patients have the exact batch numbers listed below they should contact a GP By Sam […]

Missouri's sole abortion clinic awaits ruling on whether it can stay open

A banner stating “STILL HERE” hangs on the side of the Planned Parenthood Building after a judge granted a temporary restraining order on the closing of Missouri’s sole remaining Planned Parenthood clinic in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S. May 31, 2019. REUTERS/Lawrence Bryant(Reuters) – Missouri’s only abortion clinic awaited a decision on Friday whether it can […]

Vitamin D deficiency: The feeling in your bones you shouldn't ignore – are you at risk?

Vitamin D deficiency is when the level of vitamin D in the body is too low and can cause serious health conditions. Without enough of the vitamin, it is hard to regulate the amount of calcium or phosphate in the body. If severe, a lack of vitamin D could lead to other medical conditions, such […]

The female game designers fighting back on abortion rights

The year is 1972. You’re part of an underground network of feminists in Chicago that provide illegal (at the time) abortion services to vulnerable, pregnant people with few options. Despite the risk of imprisonment, and the ways that your personal experiences may not always perfectly align with your activism, you persist. It’s emotionally complicated. It’s […]

Are you burning out?

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Burnout can make people feel cynical, hopeless, detached and tired Are you exhausted all the time, feeling cynical towards your work responsibilities and find the demands of your job overwhelming? You could be suffering from burnout – and you might be the last person to know it. The World […]