Tory leadership twist: Boris Johnson's rivals to be eliminated in latest secret plan

Senior Cabinet ministers have revealed a new secret plan to avoid four weeks of “blue on blue” attacks. The ministers – who have no link to any of the six candidates – are examining whether Mr Johnson’s name alone could be forwarded to a “confirmatory” vote of the party’s 160,000 members, according to The Daily […]

Don’t poke the bear! Johnson LASHES OUT with ferocious Brexit attack – 'No white flag!'

In his first broadcast interview of the Tory leadership race, the frontrunner to succeed Theresa May said “fortitude and determination” were needed in the negotiations with the EU. And he vowed to “honour the will of the people” by getting the UK out of the EU this autumn with or without a deal. Mr Johnson’s […]

Boris Johnson news: Phillip Hammond REJECTS Boris as PM – won’t serve as chancellor

Mr Hammond said he would not serve under a prime minister who was prepared to leave the EU without a deal, as proposed by Mr Johnson and other contenders to become the next leader of the Conservative Party. Mr Hammond, speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a meeting of EU finance ministers in Luxembourg […]

Vince Cable reveals plot to sabotage no deal Brexit by siding with Corbyn’s Labour party

He revealed his intentions today as he welcomed Chuka Umunna to the ranks of the Lib Dems, with other former Change UK MPs expected to follow in the coming days. At a press conference in Westminster this afternoon, Sir Vince confirmed the Lib Dems will back a motion of no confidence in the Government to […]

Russia is not alone in exploiting Africa | Letters

Foreign involvement in Africa is far from unique to Russia (Leaked documents reveal Russia’s efforts to exert influence in Africa, 12 June). The new scramble for Africa involves more powers than the first round over a century ago. This time it’s in part about securing resources such as oil, gas and rare earth metals crucial […]

Suspensions and the Catalan parliament | Letter

A recent Guardian column by Alfred Bosch (, 5 June), a regional minister in the Catalan government, claimed that elected members of the Catalan parliament and their constituents are being denied their democratic and political rights in Spain “for purely political reasons”. The true situation is quite different. The bureau of the lower chamber and […]

Pro-Kremlin media 'spread false claims that EU has Nazi roots'

Pro-Kremlin social media accounts spread false claims that the EU has Nazi roots, the European commissioner for security has said in the first analysis of disinformation acts aimed at influencing last month’s EU elections. Malicious actors sought to promote extreme views and polarise local debates, said Julian King, the British commissioner in Brussels. Although there […]

Tory leadership race: How Brexit will dominate the Tory leadership race as ‘priority’

The nation is a step closer to finding out who will replace Theresa May as Prime Minister after Matt Hancock joined Esther McVey, Andrea Leadsom and in Mark Harper in exiting the race. Boris Johnson leads the Tory pack right after securing the support of 114 of his Conservative Party  colleagues in the first round […]

Germans thirsty for alcohol-free beer as brewers boost taste

During last year’s sweltering summer in Europe, workers of the Störtebeker beer brewery stood at the doors of the bottle depot eagerly awaiting the empty returns so they could be washed and refilled as quickly as possible. A bottle shortage swept the country due to the rate at which beer was being consumed to quench […]

Corbyn crisis: Labour leader sued over comments in anti-semitism row

Mr Corbyn is facing libel action from Richard Millett, a pro-Israel blogger, over further comments about him on BBC1’s Andrew Marr show last year. During an interview, Mr Corbyn described Mr Millett as “incredibly disruptive” and implied police had wanted to remove him and other pro-Israel activists from a previous meeting in Parliament. He claimed: […]

Boris Johnson said TV debates ‘essential’ in Tory leadership race as recently as last year

The ex-foreign secretary today agreed to appear in a televised debate between Conservative leadership rivals after he was labelled a “chicken”. Caving into pressure, he said he will appear in the BBC’s debate scheduled for Tuesday – but turned down Channel 4’s Sunday event. Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt had taunted Mr Johnson for “hiding away” […]

Spanish court blocks jailed Catalan leader from joining EU parliament

Catalonia’s jailed former vice-president, Oriol Junqueras, will not be allowed to take up his seat in the European parliament until there is a verdict in the trial over the failed bid for regional independence, Spain’s supreme court has ruled. On Friday, the court temporarily rejected a petition for Junqueras to leave jail on Monday to […]

'Like a horror film': vast swarms of flies plague Russian villages

Villages in Russia’s Urals region have been invaded by vast swarms of flies that have sparked health concerns and fears for local harvests. “You can’t hang out your washing to dry or open your windows, let alone go outside,” a woman in Lazorevy told state television, which aired images of thick clouds of flies crawling […]

Power to the people: how Spanish cities took control of energy

After a close fight, Barcelona’s radical mayor, Ada Colau, is expected to take office for a second term on Saturday, vindicating her often-criticised policies, which have included making sure all the city’s municipal buildings and services run on renewable energy. On the other side of the country in Andalucía, José María González was re-elected mayor […]

Online holiday booking scams and how to avoid them

With UK holidaymakers looking to book their summer breaks, industry experts are warning them to look out for online scams and fake websites. Fraudsters stole more than £7m from holidaymakers in 2018, according to a new report from the Association of British Travel Agents (Abta), the national cybercrime reporting centre, Action Fraud, and awareness organisation […]

Brexit Party poll: Nigel Farage’s party would WIN general election – UK polls tracker

The Brexit Party had hoped to take its first seat in the constituency of Peterborough, in the by-election there after its Labour MP was recalled. Polls showed candidate Mike Greene was well in the lead, but he failed to take the seat from Labour. However, the win wasn’t a comfortable one for Labour, with candidate […]

Poland's Catholic bishops hold summit on sex abuse allegations

Date created : 14/06/2019 – 12:32 Poland’s Catholic bishops are holding a plenary session Friday in Walbrzych, Poland, to address widespread allegations of child sexual abuse after a YouTube documentary on the Church’s role in covering up abuses went viral. The Vatican’s sex crimes prosecutor, Archbishop Charles Scicluna, is meeting Poland’s Catholic bishops to share […]

Matt Hancock votes: Where could Matt Hancock's 20 votes go? Will Hunt or Javid get a boost

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has quit the contest to become Conservative leader has not endorsed any of his former rivals, but told the BBC he was “talking” to them all.Mr Hancock, 40, was the youngest contender, before he dropped out of the race.He is the MP for West Suffolk and was promoted to health secretary […]

Brussels greed: Fury over £432,000 golden handshakes to EU chiefs Juncker and Tusk

European Council President Mr Tusk and European Commission boss Mr Juncker will pocket £432,000 between them when their terms end in November. Mr Tusk is set to receive a £288,000 golden handshake, while Mr Juncker will get £144,000. The pair currently take home eye-watering annual salaries of £350,000, including other allowances. Senior Tory Iain Duncan […]

Swiss women strike to demand equal pay

Women across Switzerland are walking off the job and into the streets to demand wage parity, nearly three decades after staging the country’s first nationwide strike for equal pay. Events planned throughout the day range from pram marches to whistle concerts, extended lunch breaks and giant picnics, culminating in demonstrations on Friday evening in several […]

Carrie Symonds: The steely blonde who’s whipped Boris into shape

As long ago as January, Boris Johnson’s glamorous girlfriend Carrie Symonds was nicknamed Flotus by her friends. Shorthand for First Lady Of The United States, it was a reference to her role as prime ministerial wife-in-waiting. And after the victory of her darling Bozzie Bear in the first round of voting in the Tory leadership election […]

Brexit LIVE: Brussels admits it CAN’T sue Britain over £39bn divorce bill – EU skewered

EU budget commissioner Günther Oettinger was responding to threats by Tory leadership frontrunner Mr Johnson that he would withhold the huge sum until the EU agrees a fairer deal if he becomes prime minister. But Mr Oettinger warned that while the EU could not take the UK to court, they could make Britain’s economy, security […]

Balloon review – airborne escape caper crash lands

You could probably choose a less conspicuous method of defecting than floating across the border in what looks like a giant glowing lightbulb. Yet a spectacular nocturnal breakout from communist East Germany by hot-air balloon is exactly what two families did in September 1979 – the basis of this glossy mainstream thriller released in Germany […]

Brexit shock: Iain Dale claims Michael Gove could beat Boris Johnson to Tory leadership

Mr Dale was chief of staff in David Davis’s campaign to replace Michael Howard in the 2005 leadership election. Mr Davis started the race as bookies favourite and won the first ballot ahead of David Cameron, Liam Fox and Ken Clarke. It would be Mr Cameron who won the race in the end, winning the […]

Boris Johnson rivals in plot to block leadership bid – ‘could blow up at any time’

The former Foreign Secretary has faced criticism from his rivals, Jeremy Hunt, Michael Gove and Dominic Raab. The three will join Sajid Javid, Matt Hancock and Rory Stewart in a live debate on Channel 4 and the BBC. Channel 4 has also threatened to leave an empty chair for Mr Johnson in the debates if […]

Chuka Umumma humiliated after comments attacking Liberal Democrats emerge after defection

The Remain backing Streatham MP left Labour in February in protest to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and the party’s Brexit position.He was one of the founding MPs of Change UK but resigned with five others last month.Like Change UK, the Liberal Democrats oppose Brexit and are campaigning for a second referendum.However, Mr Umunna’s previous tweets on […]

‘History proves them right’: Three decades on, Swiss women strike again for equality

Twenty-eight years after staging a historic walkout, women from across Switzerland will again take to the streets this Friday for a nationwide strike aimed at highlighting the country’s poor record on gender equality. Every night for more than 600 years, a night watchman has climbed to the top of Lausanne Cathedral’s bell tower to bellow […]

Listen to the people! readers' LANDSLIDE favourite for PM – POLL RESULTS

Boris Johnson was the landslide winner in our express poll of online readers. Our poll has revealed the former Foreign Secretary Mr Johnson is the front-runner with 70 percent of the votes (3,416), leaving contenders Dominic Raab and Jeremy Hunt in second and third place. In a humiliating further blow to runners up Mr Raab […]

Remainer MP admits Parliament has RUN OUT of options to block no deal Brexit

The former minister, who has been behind a series of failed cross-party moves to block a no-deal departure, said he could not think of any further parliamentary opportunity to intervene before Britain is due to leave on October 31. His belated admission came after the Commons narrowly voted on Wednesday to reject a Labour motion, backed […]