Catastrophic for Labour! Corbyn’s car crash Neil interview branded ‘worst ever’ by experts

Jeremy Corbyn’s interview with Andrew Neil aired on BBC1 at 7pm this evening and has already been torn apart by British voters. During the interview the Labour leader fails to apologise to the British Jewish community, despite the host promoting him six times to do so. Mr Corbyn also stumbles on questions over how Labour will fund their ambitious spending proposals.

Matt Forde, who runs the comedy podcast The Political Party, took to Twitter to condemn the car crash interview.

He wrote: “That has to be the worst interview by a would-be Prime Minister during an election campaign.

“I’m astonished by what I’ve just seen.

“If that was shown in a cinema the audience would still be sat in their seats after the credits had finished.”

Another social media branded the interview “catastrophic for Labour”. 

Peter Shilton OBE said: “If anyone is thinking of voting for Corbyn please watch a replay of Andrew Neil interviewing him on BBC1 tonight you may want to re-think your vote!”

Other social media users compared the interview to Prince Andrew’s disastrous Newsnight interview over his friendship with convicted peadophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Sebastian Payne of the Financial Times said: “Did Prince Andrew coach Jeremy Corbyn for his interview with Andrew Neil?

“That was the most excruciating political interview I’ve ever seen.”

Similarly TalkRadio host Julia Hartley-Brewer said: “Prince Andrew does the car crash interview of 2019. Jeremy Corbyn: Hold my beer.”

Mike Graham, who also works at TalkRadio, mocked the interview by sharing a GIF of an exploding nuclear bomb.

Broadcaster Piers Morgan said Mr Corbyn’s failure to explain how his plans would be funded as “election-losing”.

Julia Macfarlane of ABC news hilariously mocked the interview and said: “Hello 999 I just witnessed a man getting dismembered on BBC One.”

Sky News’ political correspondent Lewis Goodall hit out at the Labour leader for his lack of apology over antisemitism. 

He wrote: “Sorry seems to be the hardest word. For a man who prides himself on empathy with the maligned, the lack of apology from Jeremy Corbyn, even for hurt and pain caused, is remarkable.”

Henry Newman, a senior Brexit Adviser to the cabinet office, branded the interview a “car crash”.

He said: “Corbyn’s Andrew Neil interview a car crash extraordinaire.

“So shocking: his refusal to apologise on anti-Semitism, his admission Labour’s tax bombshell would hit those on low incomes, his belief “we” (the West?) created ISIS, his failure to understand nationalising = borrowing etc etc.”


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