Care home staff bring joy to residents with temporary tattoo parlour

The residents choosing and getting their tattoos (Pictures: Trenton Village)

Just because you’re older, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a wild side.

And to let residents bring out their inner rebel, one care home has set up a temporary tattoo parlour.

Trenton Village in Illinois, U.S., had ‘Wildin’ out Wednesday’ with a ‘tattoos and booze’ stand.

Staff ordered designs printed on special paper from Amazon to create temporary ink and set up a stand where residents could choose what they wanted and where it should go. There were cocktails to enjoy while they waited too.

Some went for small flowers while others were bolder with big pieces tattooed across their chest.

One man even decided to get his tattoo on his forehead, of course knowing that it would come off eventually.

Choosing from the board (Picture: Trenton Village)
An eagle (Picture: Trenton Village)

Staff wore bandanas as they applied the tattoos to give it that real parlour effect.

A spokesperson from Trenton Village told ‘We are an assisted living and memory care long term care facility.

‘We like to think outside of the box and do activities that are fun and engaging.

Applying the temporary tattoo (Picture: Trenton Village)
Some went all out with the placement (Picture: Trenton Village)
And the finished result (Picture: Trenton Village)

‘The residents had a blast picking out their designs and showing them off!

‘In the United States our long term care facilities have been shut down to visitors since Mid-March due to COVID. We have only been able to do outside visits (6 feet apart with masks on) for a few months now.

A resident with a floral tattoo (Picture: Trenton Village)
The residents loved being involved (Picture: Trenton Village)
Staff wore bandanas to make it feel like a real parlour (Picture: Trenton Village)
The options available (Picture: Trenton Village)

‘This party was a great way to lift everyone’s spirits and have some fun! It was staff members applying the tattoos. You can tell by the expressions on the residents that they loved it!’

A tiny rose (Picture: Trenton Village)
A tiger (Picture: Trenton Village)
A subtle sunflower (Picture: Trenton Village)
Butterflies (Picture: Trenton Village)

The photos of the event have gone viral online, with over 53,000 shares.

One person said: ‘Our kids better put us in a home that does this when it’s our time!’

Another added: ‘If you aren’t crying by the 10th picture you have no heart.’

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