Home health Can you take too much Vitamin D?

Can you take too much Vitamin D?

Can you take too much Vitamin D?

Nutritionist Elizabeth Stewart from Vitl commented: “It’s thought that 60-90% of the general public are vitamin D deficient in the winter months anyway, with vulnerable age groups often finding it difficult to reach the levels they need to support a healthy immune system.

“Vitamin D is needed by the body to help fight off a myriad of health issues and recent research has shown that a deficiency in vitamin D may be a contributing factor to respiratory infections such as COVID-19.”

Elizabeth noted that it is very difficult to get Vitamin D from diet alone, since oily fish, mushrooms and other foods containing the vitamin only contain very small levels of the nutrient.

She said: “This is why it is so important, especially at this time of year, to look into supplementing vitamin D and this news should encourage people to look into this further.”


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