Can Clean, Sanitised School Premises Help Prevent the Pandemic from Spreading Among Students?

Can Clean, Sanitised School Premises Help Prevent the Pandemic from Spreading Among Students?

Which preventive measures work against covid and which ones do not is still not entirely clear. Nevertheless, certain standards have been established and they have so far been quite effective as preventive measures. Thankfully, cleaning and sanitisation works against the SARS-COV-2 variants just as well as it does against almost any other germ. Deep cleaned and frequently sanitised school premises can indeed lessen the impact of a wave from hitting any educational facility as badly as it would otherwise.

Preventive Cleaning is Not the Same as Regular Cleaning

It should be duly noted that the cleaning measures which were taken prior to this pandemic are inadequate and ineffective in keeping covid at bay. Medical experts agree that in order to establish cleaning as a truly effective way to prevent the virus’s spread, special measures must be taken. As per suggestion of the government, the following steps can be outlined:

  • All public access areas (classes, labs, cafeterias, etc.) must now be cleaned before, during and after school hours
  • Touch points like door handles, toilet seats, taps, chairs, desks, etc. must be sanitised with alcohol-based cleaners frequently during school hours
  • All personnel in charge of cleaning must wear gloves and certified masks to prevent themselves from becoming carriers of the virus

Professional Cleaning Services Should Not be Optional

Teachers and volunteer students cannot be expected to risk infection and ignore their primary work in favour of cleaning and sanitising the school premises. It would become counterproductive if the ones in charge start to fall sick, and end up spreading the virus unwittingly.

Contact SMC for school and college cleaning by trained professionals who know how to keep both themselves and everyone else in the establishment safe. In fact, SMC has developed a very specific Coronavirus Cleaning Service to counter the pandemic as effectively as possible.

Cleaning Supplies and PPE Should be Available and Monitored

Adequate masks, gloves and alcohol-based sanitisers should be present and easily available for use. Although there is currently no shortage of sanitising cleaners, masks and gloves can be hard to come by in large quantities sometimes. Therefore, it is imperative that how the basic PPE is being distributed to each individual teacher and student is monitored to prevent overuse and waste. This should help in keeping the cost of cleaning and sanitisation affordable as well.

As a final step, frequent sessions on how to use cleaning as a method to keep covid from spreading in schools and colleges are to be conducted. Even if it feels repetitive, this repetition is necessary to keep everyone including teachers alert about the looming danger.

Covid is not going to go away anytime soon, and it will take a while before the vaccines can be administered to everyone in the country. Furthermore, since children are not going to be vaccinated anytime soon in the UK, prevention holds the utmost importance in all educational establishments. The good news is that younger test subjects have shown an excellent immune response so far on receiving the vaccine.

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