Camila Cabello opens up about her relationship with Shawn Mendes: ‘I want to protect it’

The two have been close friends for a long while. (Picture: Noam Galai/Getty Images)

Camila Cabello won’t talk about her relationship with Shawn Mendes because she wants ‘to protect it’.

At this point, everyone has seen the lovebirds lock lips in every city of North America and it was hard to miss their steamy performance at this year’s VMAs.

But Camila, 22, won’t be giving fans a confirmation on their relationship any time soon.

‘I never want to open the door for people to feel like they are involved. I want it to be mine and [his]. That’s why I’m so tight-lipped about it: because I want to protect it,’ she said.

Camila – who has always been close with her fans – decided to keep her love life private just to maintain a sense of normalcy.

The Havana singer, gracing the cover of ELLE, said: ‘Love is the most sacred, precious thing to me. I want to always feel like my love is between me and that person, and never belonging to anyone else.

Camila graces the cover of ELLE. (Picture: Yvan Fabing/ELLE)

‘As much as I love my fans, and as much as I love people, I like to live my life as normally as possible,’ she said. ‘In a relationship, it makes me feel uncomfortable to invite everyone in on that.’

Although the two have decided to keep their private lives, well, private, images of them making out in every restaurant and car probably just adds fuel to the fire.

‘People can say whatever they want to say,’ Camila said. ‘They can speculate, but at the same time, we are going to live our own lives, enjoy it, and fall for each other like nobody is watching.’

The singer couldn’t stop saying mushy things about her ‘boyfriend’ but we don’t blame her.

‘I mean, I love him,’ Camila said about her Señorita boo.

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello spotted on a date night in Toronto. (Picture:

If her admissions still don’t convince you, the two were spotted packing on the PDA in Toronto during date night last night.

The two singer then explored the Canadian city, pictured strolling hand in hand.

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