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The recipe

Make a dressing by using 50ml of olive oil, a small handful of parsley leaves and 10g of grated fresh horseradish.

Beat in 2 tbsp of water and then set the dressing aside.

Cut 4 horizontal slices (2cm thick) from a small, tight cabbage, then carefully place the slices flat on a baking tray.

Trickle the cabbage slices generously with olive oil and scatter over 150g of diced pancetta.

Bake the cabbage slices in a preheated oven at 200C/gas mark 6 for 15 minutes until it has softened.

Cut 200g of taleggio into thin slices and place it on top of the cabbage. Then return it to the heat for 5 minutes to melt.

Remove the cabbage from the oven, carefully lift it on to plates using a fish slice, then spoon the dressing over the top.
Enough for 2

The trick

Try to choose a tightly furled cabbage and slice it horizontally so that the core holds the slices together. Be sure to evenly trickle the leaves with olive oil. Return the cabbage to the oven only for long enough to ensure that the taleggio melts, trying not to let it brown.

The twist

If taleggio eludes you, head in the direction of mozzarella instead. You could use cauliflower in place of the cabbage: steam the cauliflower slices for a few minutes first, until they are tender, the proceed with the rest of the method, as above.

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