Bulb Energy news – Firm collapses into administration as 1.7m customers urged not to panic about supplies

What happens to my Bulb credit?

Any credit you have with Bulb is protected when you are moved by Ofgem to another supplier.

This should be protected under Bulb’s special administration too.

Justina Miltienyte from USwitch said: “The most important thing for consumers to know is that their energy supply will continue to run as it always has done, and any credit balances will be protected.”

An estimated 21million households pay energy bills by direct debit, paying the same amount each month based on estimated use over the entire year.

But actual use can vary through the seasons, as more energy is generally used in winter when the heating is on and less in summer when the weather is warmer.

During the summer months customers can often end up paying more than the energy they use, leaving them with a credit balance with their energy company.


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