Brits need to slow down as one driver is caught speeding every 75 SECONDS on UK roads

BRITAIN’S drivers are being caught speeding at an alarming rate.

Over 1,000 motorists are nabbed each day around the country – equivalent to one every 75 seconds.

 One driver is caught speeding every 75 seconds in the UK

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One driver is caught speeding every 75 seconds in the UK

According to a study by Direct Line Car Insurance, a whopping 1.25million speeding incidents were recorded by police in a three-year period from 2015-2017.

And worryingly, 61 per cent of cases were for drivers speeding in 30mph zones – built up areas with relatively high pedestrian activity.

On average, drivers were caught at almost 10mph over the limit is the slowest zones, but infringements only got more extreme as speeds increased.

Around 150,000 drivers broke the limit in 40mph zones by more than 20mph, cruising through at an average of 61.4mph.

 The majority of speeders are caught in 30mph zones
The majority of speeders are caught in 30mph zones

While those driving at motorway speeds were caught at 18mph over the limit on average.

The study also found that drivers exceeding the national speed limit by travelling at 88mph would take approximately 184 metres to come to a stop in an emergency.

Any driver caught speeding in the UK will be slapped with a minimum £100 fine and three points.

But depending on your speed and driving record, you could receive a much more severe penalty. 

Rob Miles, director of car insurance at Direct Line, commented: “Speeding can kill, but people still drive far too fast on Britain’s roads, even in areas specially designated as lower limits because of the risk to pedestrians.

“It is important to remember just how much difference speeding can make to reaction and braking speeds, and always account for poor weather and light as they can also affect a driver’s ability to control their vehicle.”


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