Britain post-Brexit REVEALED: How Brexit saga will end – Britain WILL leave EU this year

Brexit has been delayed after Prime Minister Theresa May reach an agreement with EU during a summit in Brussels last week. Initially, the UK was due to leave the EU this week, on March 29. But Mrs May was granted a delay until May 22 if she succeeds in getting her already twice-defeated Brexit deal through Parliament. If not, there will only be a short delay – until April 12 – for the Commons to consider other options and present a way forward.

The seven options are said to be:

  • 1. Revoke Article 50
  • 2. A second referendum
  • 3. Theresa May’s Brexit deal
  • 4. Canada-style free trade agreement
  • 5. A customs union
  • 6. Joining the single market
  • 7. No-deal Brexit

Dr Adrian Pabst, Head of School of Politics & IR, University of Kent revealed to how he thinks the Brexit saga will end.

Dr Pabst said: “Either Britain will leave by the end of June or else there will be a longer extension to the Brexit negotiations.

“And Britain will have to take part in the European Parliament elections, which neither the Tories nor Labour would like.

“Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party might come first, like UKIP in the last elections in 2014.”

Despite the uncertainty, he claimed it is more likely to UK will leave this year with Mrs May’s deal or soft Brexit, rather than holding a second referendum or seeing a further extension.

Dr Pabst added: “We know that the Brexit date has irrevocably changed.

“Britain won’t leave on March 29 because the EU has granted an extension until at least April 12.

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“What happens next depends on the votes in the House of Commons this week, starting with today’s decision about holding indicative votes.

“Revoking Article 50 and staying in the EU is as unlikely to command a majority in the Commons as holding a second referendum.

“Therefore the likelier options are a softer Brexit or possibly a narrow majority for Theresa May’s deal after all – if Brexiteers believe that the ultimate prize of a departure is slipping away.”


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