Bring home the LG A1 OLED for just £779 with this amazing 22% Cyber Monday discount

An OLED television can single-handedly elevate any home theatre or gaming setup but for a long time has been out of reach for many due to its high price point. Not anymore though, as thanks to this great deal on the new LG A1, what was already an affordable entry point into the OLED world is now almost too good to be true.

How great of a deal, you ask? Well, if you were to purchase the 55-inch LG A1 from John Lewis, you only have to pay £779. That’s £220 off its usual sticker price and you get a 5-year guarantee as part of the package. And if you want more peace of mind, an additional £80 will give you five years of accidental damage protection, which also includes screen burn-in for OLED televisions.

The LG A1 is the company’s newest addition to its 2021 lineup of OLED televisions. The 55-inch model listed here has a 4K panel with all the advantages you expect from an OLED TV, including perfectly inky blacks, wide viewing angles, an exceptional colour gamut, and fast response times.


Despite being the most affordable model in LG’s OLED range, the A1 comes with a fair number of features that you’d previously only get from flagship televisions. This includes support for HDR10 and Dolby Vision, which, combined with the outstanding contrast of an OLED panel, deliver a brilliant viewing experience. The TV also includes picture profiles like Filmmaker Mode, which sets the correct picture parameters for film content and maintains the artistic integrity of the creators.

The LG A1 also supports the increasingly popular Dolby Atmos surround sound codec, which can either be played through the TVs speakers or be sent to a dedicated sound bar or AV receiver through the TV’s eARC connection. When used with the right speakers, Dolby Atmos can create a fantastic enveloping effect, with sound coming not just from around you but also above you.

Compared to the more expensive LG C1 model, the LG A1 features a 60Hz panel instead of 120Hz and only HDMI 2.0. This makes it less suitable for modern consoles or high performance gaming PCs that can output in 4K 120Hz for a smoother gameplay experience. However, if you are not a serious gamer, the 60Hz panel on the LG A1 can still offer a satisfactory gameplay experience for the vast majority of games out there thanks to the instant pixel response time of OLED and the great HDR presentation, and is not an issue at all if you just use the TV for media playback.

All things considered, the LG A1 is a fantastic television and is going to be a massive improvement from your old LCD television. So make sure you grab the deal while it’s still available. Also, don’t forget to follow us @dealsfoundry for more such great deals with instant notifications.


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