Bridgerton Stars Reveal the Secret to Daphne and Simon's Steamy Chemistry

“I feel really proud of those scenes honestly,” Dynevor told E! News. “We worked really hard at making them feel real.”

Dynevor and Page worked with an intimacy coordinator and blocked out the scenes “like they were intricate stunts.” Showrunner Chris Van Dusen described them as “heavily choreographed.” 

“We had many many conversations about exactly what we were doing,” Van Dusen said. “It was all so that the cast would feel comfortable, and we all we really left it in their hands to take the scenes for as far as they wanted to take them. Those scenes were heavily choreographed, much like an action sequence, like ‘Your hand goes here, your leg goes there.’ They were all really, really rehearsed.” 


Dynevor said Van Dusen frequently described the first season as “the education of Daphne Bridgerton.” 

“It’s so important for the journey of the characters to see those scenes,” she said. “They’re not just there to be there. They’re there to tell this story of this sort of sexual awakening that Daphne is having and I think that’s so important for her story particularly.” 


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