Bride wears amazing black wedding dress for ‘goth and punk-infused’ big day

Amy said she would never have been comfortable in a white dress (Picture: Zee and Cee Studio & Giant Invitations/Supplied)

Amy Vosinthavong says she has never been a traditional person.

So when it came to her wedding day, she knew she wanted something a little different.

Instead of going for the traditional big white dress, Amy decided on a black lace gown.

The 29-year-old from Sydney, and groom Andrew, 31, decided on a ‘goth and punk-infused’ wedding, to reflect their personalities.

She told Femail: ‘I have always the loved the alternate scene, specifically the goth/punk scene.

‘Andrew isn’t quite a traditionalist either, but he was happy for me to take the reins with the decor and theme of the wedding.’

The couple wanted a day that reflected them (Picture: Zee and Cee Studio & Giant Invitations/Supplied)

Amy said that she didn’t want to just go for a traditional wedding because that’s what other people wanted as she feels it should be the couple’s day.

She added: ‘I definitely wouldn’t have felt as on top of the world as I did had I been in a traditional white gown,’ she said.

‘I am also covered in tattoos and white was never for me.’

Amy and Andrew on their wedding day (Picture: Zee and Cee Studio & Giant Invitations/Supplied)

As well as the black dress, they had a soundtrack that included Sum 41, the Foo Fighters and Death Cab for Cutie.

The couple even head-banged their way out after being officially announced as husband and wife.

Amy with her bridesmaids (Picture: Zee and Cee Studio & Giant Invitations/Supplied)

The bridesmaids were able to choose their own dresses but they had to be grey to fit the theme.

And the reception was filled with black, red and orange – even the cake was a dark gothic theme.

Amy said her family and friends – particularly the older guests – were shocked and struggled to understand the theme, but her mum knew that it suited her daughter’s personality.

She said: ‘That’s my Amy.’

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