Brexit Party releases FIVE policies for the General Election Leave voters will love

launched his party’s election campaign in Westminster this morning – and while he grabbed headlines by urging an electoral pact with ’s Conservatives, the party also unveiled a package of radical proposals which are likely to find favour with diehard Brexiteers. Prior to his speech, Brexit Party chairman and multi-millionaire outlined his vision for the future.

Firstly, he said the party would abolish the unelected House of Lords, which Mr Farage has said was “stuffed with Remainers”, and which hampered former Prime Minister in her efforts to get her withdrawal agreement through the House of Commons.

Secondly, Mr Tice advocated ditching the UK’s first-past-the-post electoral system in favour of proportional representation, as a way of weakening the two-party system and making it easier for minority parties to win representation in the House of Commons.

The current system tends to favour both Labour and the Conservatives at the expense of smaller parties.

Meanwhile the Supreme Court, which famously intervened to declare Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament last month “unlawful”, would also be subject to radical reform to prevent it becoming embroiled in politics.

Many Brexiteers were furious after confirmed the court’s decision, which effectively forced Mr Johnson to recall the legislature.

The party will also make it far easier for constituents to force by-elections to oust MPs who switch parties during their terms of office.

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Mr Tice said the Brexit Party would also scrap the current postal vote system, which he has claimed leave Britain vulnerable to the risk of widespread voter fraud.

The Brexit Party levelled allegations of bribery, postal vote issues, burning of ballots and breaching the privacy of the vote after the by-election which followed Ms Onasanya’s resignation and the subsequent victory of Labour’s Lisa Forbes.

However, a subsequent Cambridgeshire Police found no evidence of wrongdoing.

Mr Tice said the party could be trusted because it is not part of the “political status quo”.

He added: “We need a system of proportional representation.

“It is clearly needed and it’s needed now.”

He claimed said the Supreme Court “is now a political court”.

He adding that the appointment of judges needs to be open to “proper scrutiny”.

Mr Tice also said it begged the question of whether the UKS needs a written constitution.


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