Brexit: McDonnell says Labour would introduce 32-hour working week within decade – live news

When they ask you some time in the future:

“Where were you when people were left to sleep on our streets?

“When families queued at food banks to survive?

“When the Tories tried to sell out our country to Trump”

“When climate change threatened our planet and our very existence?”

I want you all to be able to say:

“I built the homes and public services our people needed”

“I made sure everyone was fed and cared for.

“With nobody forced to endure poverty

“I saved the planet by tackling climate change

“I helped lay the foundations of a new society

“Foundations so deeply rooted that the Tories can never break them up”

And when they ask “how did you do that?” You can tell them: “I supported Labour, I joined Labour, I voted for Jeremy Corbyn. That’s how.”



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