Brexit LIVE: Request delay or else! Boris faces Cabinet uprising over threat to ignore law

Mr Cox reportedly clashed with Mr Johnson after the Government confirmed to Scotland’s Court of Session that Mr Johnson would comply with the requirements of the Benn Act to request a delay if no deal has been agreed with the EU by October 19. The assertion runs contrary to Mr Johnson’s insistence that he would “rather die in a ditch” than do so. After news of Friday’s submission was confirmed, Mr Johnson tweeted: “New deal or No Deal”.

One insider said Mr Cox and Lord Keen had both told the Prime Minster if he did not write the letter, he wold face resignations, adding: “Boris was absolutely furious but he had to back down.”

Boris Johnson has been warned the Government’s chief law officer will resign if he does not write to Brussels to ask for a Brexit extension, The Mail on Sunday has learned.

Mr Cox is believed to have told Mr Johnson refusal to obey the Benn Act would destabilise the UK’s legal system, the Mail on Sunday reported.

He subsequently denied there had been a “row” with the Prime Minister, while stressing he was “not at liberty” to discuss any advice he had given Mr Johnson.

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9.40am update:

Boris Johnson will call Remainers’ bluff and ask the Queen to sack him if she dares, and is even prepared to “squat” in Number 10 rather than quit as Prime Minister, senior aides have warned, as the crisis swirling around Brexit deepens.


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