Brexit LIVE: Now even arch-Remainer Sugar backs Boris – 'Enough is enough, get it done!'

The Apprentice host and former Labour peer has blasted Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn over his spending plans ahead of this Thursday’s poll. He believes the party “would create economic chaos”, while a Tory majority government would “end the uncertainty that is threatening to paralyse our economy”. Lord Sugar wrote in the Sun: “Personally, I didn’t want Brexit, but enough is enough now ­­- I’m sick of this nonsense.

“Business and families are crying out for economic ­certainty to plan for the years ahead with confidence.

“We just need to get Brexit over with.

“That won’t happen in a hung parliament, or with Corbyn’s Labour in power.”

Lord Sugar added Labour’s £1.2trillion spending plans are “complete madness”.

He wrote: “I’m a target of Corbyn propaganda. He appeals to young voters to see me as a multi-millionaire with no understanding of how hard it is to be poor.

“Wrong. I grew up very poor on a council estate in East London. I took advantage of a school education rather than becoming a garment worker in a sweatshop.

“I had an enterprising spirit and started my business by selling car aerials from a van I’d bought for £50 and insured for £8.

“It was a long way from there to the boardroom, but that’s not a journey people could make under Corbyn.”


7.37am update: More than 22,000 EU nationals have left the NHS since Brexit referendum

Out of the 22,600 EU nationals leaving the NHS over the past three years, at least 8,800 were nurses and midwives.

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The figures were revealed by 88 NHS hospital trusts to freedom of information enquiries, according to the Independent.

The number of people leaving the NHS increased by 21 percent after the EU referendum from 7,037 in 2015.



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