Brexit LIVE: Boris’ adviser issues plea to Leave voters to SAVE Brexit – it’s ‘in danger’

Mr Cummings, who is widely regarded as the ‘mastermind’ behind 2016 EU referendum result, warned Brexiteers their “heroic efforts’ more than three years ago could all be for nothing, if the Tories fail to win a majority in the election on December 12. Mr Cummings insisted their was a “real possibility” of a hung parliament in 14 days time, despite several polls putting the Conservatives in a commanding lead. In a message to Leave supporters on his personal online blog, Mr Cummings wrote: “Days after the 2016 referendum, I emailed all of you to say thanks for your heroic efforts.

“I also said — keep an eye on my blog, if Brexit is in danger then I will send up a ‘bat signal’ here.”

He added: “You will see many polls in the coming days. Some will say Boris will win.

“Trust me, as someone who has worked on lots of campaigns, things are MUCH tighter than they seem and there is a very real possibility of a hung parliament.

“Without a majority, the nightmare continues. ALL other MPs will gang together to stop Brexit and give EU citizens the vote. It’s that simple.”

Mr Cummings said it was “overwhelmingly likely” a vote for Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party in key Tory target constituencies would effectively be a vote for Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon Government.

The warning by Mr Cummings’ comes as the latest YouGov poll of around 100,000 people indicated the Conservatives storm to a 68-seat majority.

According to the poll the Tories are forecast to win 359 seats, 42 more than they took in 2017.

Labour is set to lose 51 seats, falling from 262 seats in 2017 to 211.

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