Brexit latest: Will Theresa May survive the vote? How many votes does Theresa May need?

Theresa May lost by a large majority of 230, as 432 MPs voted against the deal and 202 MPs for the deal. And now the prime minister faces a vote of no confidence, triggered by Jeremy Corbyn just moments after the vote last night. The no confidence vote will be held today at 7pm following a debate in the Commons and MPs will be asked to vote on a motion: “That this House has no confidence in Her Majesty’s Government.”

Many believe the Labour leader was waiting until the right moment to call the vote, when he believed he had the most chance of winning.

Labour sources have suggested the vote of no confidence could be the first of many to oust Mrs May from power and trigger a general election.

But shadow chancellor John McDonnell said this is not a tactic the party will play, adding: “No, we are not doing that.”

The DUP said it would support the government in the vote, which means Labour needs to target a considerable number of Tory rebels who are willing to vote themselves out of office.

Mrs May has the backing of many Tory MPs and Brexiteers.

Justine Greening, Robert Courts and George Freeman have pledged they will be voting for Theresa May in the no-confidence vote later.

Putney MP Ms Greening says “the last thing Britain needs is a general election.”

She added: “What the prime minister now needs to do is find out if there’s a consensus on any other path forward, given that we’ve rejected her deal. If there isn’t, my view is on have to be prepared to trust the people to make the final choice.”

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DUP Westminster leader Nigel Dodds says his party will be supporting the government in the no confidence vote later.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “We believe a general election is not in the interests of the country and we certainly believe that a [Jeremy] Corbyn government is not in the interests of the country either.

“But the PM does need to reach out – to the other parties – she also needs to do a massive repair job within in her own party.”

MPs from both the Leave and Remain wings of the party warned that she would have to accept major changes to her Brexit plan if she was to stand any chance of winning the backing of Parliament.

Following the vote on Tuesday evening, the Prime Minister said she wanted to hold talks with senior parliamentarians to try to find an agreed way forward ahead of a fresh statement to the House on Monday.

However shadow chancellor John McDonnell complained that she had not invited Mr Corbyn or any of the other party leaders for talks.

How many votes does Theresa May need?

Theresa May is expected to receive more than 300 no confidence votes, but this will not be enough to force her out of power.

Betway make 310-319 the most likely bracket of votes against the leader at 4/9, with odds-on at 1/33 to survive today’s vote and 10/1 for a surprise defeat.

Betway’s Alan Alger said: “Theresa May doesn’t have much room for manoeuvre ahead of today’s vote of no confidence, with it just 4/9 for her to receive 310-319 no confidence votes.

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However, there’s little sign of her own party rebelling and we expect May to get through the vote at just 1/33.”



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