Brexit alert: Even Remainer Hague admits Labour will sabotage UK for its own 'advantage'

Despite the UK going through one of the biggest political shifts in recent years, Lord Hague has accused the Labour party of trying to secure its own “partisan advantage”. Writing in The Daily Telegraph, Lord Hague outlined the possible timeline of events as reports have stated that Boris Johnson could soon call a general election. Speaking on Jeremy Corbyn’s party, Lord Hague said that even “the bulk of the Labour Party would once again place partisan advantage over the national interest”.

Moreover, Lord Hague said even if Mr Johnson secured a new deal with the European Union, the deal was unlikely to make it through the House of Commons.

He added: “What if MPs and Lords this week successfully legislate against a no-deal Brexit and force an extension of EU membership after October 31? Could this parliament then agree on a deal it did want?

“Or on a new referendum? Or any next step at all? I don’t think so.”

Lord Hague questioned whether legislation to help with a no deal situation could be passed: “Probably not.”

He asked where the Immigration, Northern Ireland and Agriculture Acts which he views as important to make a success of Brexit were also.

He explained: “We have a Parliament that cannot go backwards, forwards, or agree to sit still. It is unable to agree on the best or prepare for the worst.

“While we should not blame all the individuals in it, many of whom have striven to avoid this paralysis, the collective effect of this Rubik’s Cube of a House of Commons is that it cannot properly serve the country in any scenario that we can now construct.

“It is the most seriously defunct Parliament of modern times.”

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