Boris 'sorry for disturbing' Cars 3 in conference despite film already ending

Boris Johnson has faced hilarious responses online after believing he was interrupting film Cars 3 to announce the Brexit deal– despite it having already ended.

The Prime Minister told the nation “I’m sorry for disturbing Cars 3 by the way” as he declared the historic Brexit trade deal with the EU.

In his Brexit press conference, he went on to assure he has “no doubt that we can do fantastic things with this treaty”.

But the Disney film, which was being broadcast on BBC One, was actually shown all the way through to the closing credits before they cut to the PM’s speech.

One Twitter user said: “‘Sorry for delaying Cars 3 by the way.’ Absolute legend. Well done Boris Johnson.”

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The PM apologised for interrupting Cars 3 which had actually already finished

Another person commented: “Boris thought they’d disrupted Cars 3 for his Brexit Deal press conference but they actually showed the full credits and bonus scene.”

While another joked: “Who’s got the heart to tell Boris Johnson he’s not interrupting Cars 3 and he’s only on BBC News?”

Mr Johnson updated the nation on the post-Brexit trade agreement from inside 10 Downing Street on Christmas Eve.

The Prime Minister updated the nation on the post-Brexit trade agreement inside 10 Downing Street

Mr Johnson held the news conference on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations

In his speech, the PM hailed the new trade deal which he said was a “good deal for the whole of Europe.”

He added that the new treaty wins us “a new independence from the EU” in freedoms worth having.

But viewers seemed more focused on the PM’s TV knowledge as he apologised for disturbing the Cars 3 movie on BBC One.

One person said on Twitter: “Genuinely very happy that someone at the BBC had to make the call between Cars 3 and Boris’ Brexit press conference and chose Cars 3.”

The Prime Minister hailed the treaty as a good deal for the whole of Europe

Another commented: “Say what you want about Boris Johnson and his Brexit deal, but at least he’s aware of what matters to the people.”

BBC bosses refused to interrupt Cars 3 for Boris’s victory speech.

But the PM appeared unaware as he apologised for what he thought would be a disturbance to the nation’s Christmas Eve movie.

Boris Johnson
BBC bosses refused to cut the Disney film short

In his Brexit announcement, the PM said: “I’m sorry for disturbing Cars 3 by the way, to people watching this I would say it’s one thing to get freedom.

“Winning freedom is a fantastic thing and this is an important element of what we’ve done.

“But it’s how we use it, how we make the most of it. That’s what’s going to matter in the months and years to come.

“I’ve no doubt that we can do fantastic things with this treaty, with this new relationship, which I think will be stable and prosperous for both sides.”


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