'Boris Johnson's BYOB bash is way beyond a joke as people suffered heartbreaks'

Hannah Brady was signing her dad Shaun’s death certificate on May 20, 2020, when a ‘Bring Your Own Bottle’ party took place in the garden of Downing Street. She said the revelations made her ‘feel sick’

Boris Johnson
There have been calls for Boris Johnson to resign

The Downing Street garden ­party revelations sparked widespread mockery on social media.

Homer Simpson, Phil Mitchell and Brenda from Bristol all popped up in witty memes poking fun at Bojo’s ­lockdown-busting BYOB bash.

But it was hard to laugh when the jokey posts were massively outnumbered by heartbreaking ones. Posts showing frightened and confused old ladies staring out from their care home windows. Kids in tears because they couldn’t hug their grandparents.

And, most gut-wrenching of all, the portraits of Covid victims next to coffins at funerals where scant mourners couldn’t even hold hands. Pictures all taken on Wednesday, May 20, 2020, the day our arrogant Prime Minister stuck two fingers up to the rest of the country and went to a sneaky drinks do in his garden.

Hannah Brady, whose father Shaun, aged 55, died from coronavirus in May 2020


Julian Hamilton/Daily Mirror)

Hannah Brady was signing her dad Shaun’s death certificate that day, after Covid killed him at the age of 55. Four months later, she sat in the garden of No 10 herself as the 55-year-old Covid-surviving Johnson told her to her face: “I did everything I could to save him.”

Really, Prime Minister? Like having the balls to stop that party and boot everyone out for breaking the rules YOU had imposed on the nation?

Of course you didn’t. You joined in the fun. Because the rules didn’t really apply to you or your staff – only to the little people. And because you gave your staff a licence to party, they went on to have other Downing Street knees-ups.

Like the two leaving dos thrown on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral, as the Union flag flew at half mast on the roof. Suitcases full of booze, a laptop blasting out tunes and high jinks in the garden. While the grieving Queen couldn’t even have her children to stay the night because SHE was determined to set an example.

The Queen sat alone at Prince Philip’s funeral


Getty Images)

The next day she sat alone at her ­husband’s socially-distanced funeral, a symbol of the nation’s Covid sacrifices.

As the sad images of Her Majesty were shared on social media many people still believed her Prime Minister was “doing everything he could”.

But now we know he wasn’t – because this charlatan doesn’t give a damn about the little people.

After his “sincere” partygate apology on Wednesday, Boris popped into the Commons’ tea room and reportedly told Tory MPs “we are taking hits for ­something we don’t deserve”.

Sorry, not sorry.

Hannah Brady, a spokeswoman for the Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice Group, says the partygate revelations make her “feel sick”.

She’s not the only one.

Decent, law-abiding people across Britain are now sick to death of two-faced Boris Johnson and want his party to boot him out.

Because his lies, arrogance and utter hypocrisy make a mockery of the post of Prime Minister.

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