Boris Johnson wants to quit by 2026 to ‘make money and have fun’, Dominic Cummings claims

Among a series of allegations unveiled in a blog on Wednesday, Mr Cummings claimed the Prime Minister has a “clear plan” to resign by 2025 or 2026 because he does not want to go “on and on” in the job.

The Prime Minister’s Press Secretary dismissed the former aide’s claims about him stepping down as “utter nonsense”.

Mr Cummings claimed the Covid public inquiry would not start for years and had been designed to “punt the tricky parts” after this PM has “gone”.

Boris Johnson with Dominic Cummings (Victoria Jones/PA)

He wrote: “Unlike other PMs, this one has a clear plan to leave at the latest a couple of years after the next election, he wants to make money and have fun not ‘go on and on’.

“So we either live with chronic dysfunction for another ~5 years or some force intervenes.”

The next election is expected to take place in May 2024 but could held a year earlier.

The PM’s Press Secretary told reporters: “The PM has actually been asked this before and has said himself it’s utter nonsense. That still stands.”

Claims about the PM stepping down is just one of many that Mr Cummings has unleashed on No10 on Wednesday.


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