Boris Johnson urged to speed up promised ban on sick trophy hunting imports

An MP called on the Prime Minister to back a Private Member’s Bill coming before Parliament next month

Campaigners want hunting trophies banned from Britain

Boris Johnson was urged to throw his support behind an MP’s attempt to stop the “vile” importation of hunting trophies today.

The Prime Minister has pledged to ban imports of the sick momentos before the end of 2024.

But a Labour MP pleaded with him to back a move coming before Parliament next month.

Former Labour minister John Spellar urged the PM to weigh in behind his Private Member’s Bill due to be debated on December 10.

Trumpeting his bid to “end this vile trade as soon as possible”, Mr Spellar said: “Not only does it have widespread public support and support from opposition parties, but in the past the principle has been supported by Conservatives manifestos, the Queen’s Speech and indeed by yourself.”

Labour MP John Spellar


Chris McAndrew / UK Parliament (Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)))

The Mirror has been campaigning to end the practice of big game hunters bringing their “sick souvenirs” back to Britain.

The Tories have pledged to introduce a ban before the end of this Parliament, due to run until 2024.

But campaigners are increasingly frustrated at the slow pace of action.

Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting founder Eduardo Goncalves said: “It’s now been over two years since the Government promised to ban hunting trophies.

Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting founder Eduardo Goncalves



“It was in the Conservative manifesto, we’ve had a public consultation and Boris Johnson has personally promised twice to bring in the ban.

“Yet the Government is still refusing to give a date for its Bill. It’s utterly baffling. Why the wait?

“The Dutch government banned hunting trophies virtually overnight.

“Nine in 10 Conservative supporters want the ban right now.

Boris Johnson was tackled about trophy hunting when he appeared at Prime Minister’s Questions in the Commons


BBC Parliament)

“Since the Government promised to act, another 300 lions, elephants, giraffes and polar bears have been shot by British trophy hunters and their sick souvenirs brought back into the country.”

Urging the PM to support Mr Spellar’s attempt at legislation, Mr Goncalves added: “All the Government needs to do is to adopt his Bill – that way voters get the ban they want and that wildlife desperately needs, and the Government gets the credit for making it happen.”

Speaking at Prime Minister’s Questions, Conservative leader Mr Johnson told the Commons: “We are going to introduce legislation this Parliament to ban the import of hunting trophies, and delivering the change that we promised.”


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