Boris Johnson must take responsibility for Channel migrants, say the French

The deaths of 27 people trying to make the perilous journey last week has sparked a diplomatic row, with Britain barred from talks in Calais yesterday when interior ministers from across Europe met to discuss the migrant crisis.

Britain was “disinvited” when French President Emmanuel Macron reacted furiously to a letter published by the Prime Minister on Twitter in which he called on France to agree to “take back” people who cross the Channel to Britain.

Speaking to reporters in France Monday morning, interior minister Gérald Darmanin said: “When there are serious diplomatic exchanges and lives that are at stake and some minutes later you see that a letter, which no one has ever mentioned before, is published on Twitter from the British Prime Minister to the President of the French Republic before the President of the Republic has received it, it’s a bit peculiar.

“When in this letter the English say the French should ‘take back their migrants, all their migrants’, it’s a mockery.”

He added that British and French relations were not currently “normal” and that private exchanges were “not always in line with our public exchanges.”

He tweeted: “When Mr Johnson says that France must ‘take back its migrants’, what he is really asking is for France to exonerate him from any responsibility for receiving them. The British Government must take responsibility.”

Mohammed Shekha, one of the two survivors of the Channel crossing tragedy, has claimed both countries refused to rescue people as their boat began sinking last Wednesday.

The 21-year-old, from northern Iraq, described victims making desperate calls to the French and British authorities and claimed both sides denied responsibility for the rescue.

Mubin Hussein, 16, from Iraq, is believed to have called coastguards as their dinghy began to sink.


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