Blur frontman Damon Albarn has eaten dog, seal, monkey hands and shark on tours

The star was speaking to Alan Carr on the new episode of his Life’s A Beach Podcast and revealed the local cuisine is often the wildest part of travelling on tour

Damon Albarn revealed he’s eaten some unusual delicacies while travelling on tour

We all know the perils of being a pop star on tour but Damon Albarn has revealed that sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll aren’t the most outlandish things on offer – and that the local cuisine can often be the wildest part of visiting a new country.

The Blur frontman, 53, has revealed that while travelling the globe he’s ended up dining on dog, seal, monkey hands and shark fermented in urine.

Anyone got any Rennies?

Speaking to Alan Carr on the new episode of his Life’s A Beach Podcast, out today, Damon said: “I might have eaten dog in Korea, but I think I’ve also accidentally eaten monkey in Nigeria. I was given this pepper soup and this little hand kind of floated to the top.”

As Alan howled, Damon responded: “I didn’t mean to! I think the weirdest thing I was served up was in the middle of China and it was a frog speciality restaurant.

The Blur frontman was chatting to comedian Alan Carr

“A waiter came out with a plastic bowl of live frogs and said choose your frog…I put my fingers into the bowl and pulled out this frog and he immediately threw it on the pavement and knocked it out.”

Damon also revealed that while living in Iceland he’s eaten seal, cured and roasted ram’s head and fermented shark that’s “buried in the ground, p****d on and left for six months”.


Damon adds that he never wants to offend his host: “Be open and don’t judge other people’s cultures and try and embrace them while you’re there.”

What’s Icelandic for: ‘Thanks, but I’ve already eaten and I’m still stuffed’?

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