Bloke’s romantic proposal ends in disaster when new fiance topples off 650ft cliff moments after saying yes

A WOMAN plunged 650ft from a cliff immediately after agreeing to marry her partner.

The super romantic proposal took place atop the Falkert mountain in Carinthia, Austria.

The poor bloke - who was left clinging on to a cliff edge for dear life - was rescued by helicopter


The poor bloke – who was left clinging on to a cliff edge for dear life – was rescued by helicopterCredit: Alpin-1/facebook

Bild reports the 32-year-old woman tumbled 650 ft over rocky terrain before landing by a lake – luckily snow blanketed her fall.

But her partner, a 27-year-old man was left clinging on for dear life to a cliff edge after soaring almost 50 ft through the air.

A police officer at the scene said: “The two were extremely lucky! You flew 15 meters through the air. Had it not been for snow, it would have turned out very differently.”

The couple had trekked to the top of the mountain in sensible snow shoes earlier that day.

But almost immediately after the 32-year-old said yes, she slipped and fell on the snow.

Her courageous husband-to-be lept in to try and save her, grabbing her just in time – but he also lost his footing and ended up zooming over the edge with her.

A passer-by spotted the unconscious woman after she came to land, and took her to safety.

And her poor fiance was left clinging to a ledge until he could be rescued via helicopter.

They were both given medical treatment, and the man diagnosed with a vertibrate fracture and “love sickness”.

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