Black Ops 4 UPDATE: The awesome new Call of Duty feature you may NOT know about

Black Ops 4 available to buy right now with the latest having a big focus on online multiplayer.

Unlike previous years there is no single player campaign, but this is made up for with the huge amount of online content.

From online multiplayer, to the return of Zombies to the brand new Blackout battle royale mode – players get a lot of bang for their buck.

And since the Black Ops 4 launch players have spotted one interesting feature that may have gone under the radar ahead of the game’s release date.

In a post on the Black Ops 4 Reddit one Call of Duty player highlighted how the new Blackout mode supports split screen play.

The couch multiplayer support for battle royale in COD offers something new and unique for this hugely popular breakthrough genre of gaming.

Responding to the Reddit post, other Black Ops 4 fans were left impressed by the split screen support in Blackout.

One posted: “This to me makes blackout the best BR”.

While another wrote: “Honestly this is the best BR that exist right now. I hope Activision continues to support it through out.”

And one added: “Black Ops 4 isn’t here to take part. Black Ops 4 is here to take over.”

In other Black Ops 4 news the first reviews for the latest Call of Duty have been coming in today.

At the time of writing Black Ops 4 for the PS4 has an impressive 87 per cent Metacritic rating based on 13 reviews.

This rating is likely to change as more reviews come in but it’s already a very strong start to its critical reception.

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The Game Informer Black Ops 4 review dubbed the latest Call of Duty as offering “the best battle-royale experience available today” in Blackout.

They said: “Blackout is the best battle-royale experience available today, zombies offers crazy customisable co-op, and multiplayer keeps things grounded for those looking for the classic core.”



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