Biden visits New Jersey to promote agenda as House looks to hold votes this week – live

Joe Biden’s special envoy for Iran, Robert Malley, said earlier efforts to restart nuclear negotiations with Tehran are “in a critical place”.

Donald Trump withdrew the US from the 2015 international deal with Iran regarding its nuclear ambitions. Biden restarted relations.

Malley told reporters today there was a “deep and growing” concern about Iranian intransigence and refusal to commit to resuming negotiations in Vienna.

“We’re in a critical place,” Malley said, noting that talks were suspended after a sixth round in June due to Iran’s elections, but that new Iranian president, Ebrahim Raisi, has had plenty of time since taking office in August to decide on a policy.

“At this point it’s hard to find an innocent explanation as to why it’s taking so long,” Malley said. “The ‘Plan B’ being implemented right now appears to be the Iranian one, and that’s something we have to be prepared for.”

Here’s our diplomatic editor, Patrick Wintour, from earlier in October:

The Republican governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, plans to offer $5,000 bonuses to lure police officers from other states who resist vaccine mandates.

“We’re actually actively working to recruit out-of-state law enforcement,” DeSantis told Fox News on Sunday.

Many US cities and government agencies have introduced vaccination mandates for public employees. Resistance among police officers and other first responders has been widely picked up by rightwing media figures and politicians using opposition to Covid public health measures to attack the Biden administration and other Democratic authorities.

“We do have needs in our police and our sheriff’s departments,” DeSantis said. “So, in the next legislative session, I’m going to hopefully sign legislation that gives a $5,000 bonus to any out-of-state law enforcement that relocates in Florida.

“NYPD [New York], Minneapolis, Seattle, if you’re not being treated well, we will treat you better here. You can fill important needs for us, and we will compensate you as a result.”

DeSantis polls strongly among Republican voters in surveys of possible presidential nominees for 2024. He has reached such a position by tightly aligning himself with Donald Trump, the former president who seems likely to run again.

Last week, video circulated showing the two men deploying similar gestures and rhetorical gambits.

Ruth Ben-Ghiat

Authoritarians always spawn male imitators in terms of body language, performance, and attitude. Remember @mikepompeo‘s “swagger”? Now it’s @GovRonDeSantis. Read #Strongmen to learn how the system populates with these “little Mussolinis.”

October 22, 2021

The Fox News host Neil Cavuto has “begged” viewers to toss out political talking points about Covid-19 vaccinations and get the shot.

My God, stop the politics,” he told the network’s Media Buzz show.

“Life is too short to be an ass. Life is way too short to be ignorant of the promise of something that is helping people worldwide. Stop the deaths, stop the suffering, please get vaccinated, please.”

He also said he expected to be attacked for his appeal.

“I hear from a lot of people in ongoing nasty emails,” he said. “‘You’re a Never Trumper’, or you’re this or ‘We don’t trust you, we don’t believe a word you’re saying.’

And that’s just coming from my family.”

Full story:

Today so far

Manchin says deal on reconciliation bill could come this week

Haugen testifies before British MPs on harm caused by Facebook

The Facebook whistleblower is to giving evidence to MPs and peers scrutinising the online safety bill, amid calls for a toughening up of the landmark legislation.

Frances Haugen has triggered a deep crisis at Mark Zuckerberg’s social media empire after she released tens of thousands of internal documents detailing the company’s failure to keep its users safe from harmful content.

On Monday Haugen, 37, will testify in person at the joint committee scrutinising the draft online safety bill, a piece of legislation that places a duty of care on social media companies to protect users – with the threat of substantial fines if they fail to do so.

Speaking to the Observer before the hearing, Haugen said Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder, chief executive and controlling shareholder, had not shown any readiness to protect the public from the harm his company is causing.

“Right now, Mark [Zuckerberg] is unaccountable. He has all the control. He has no oversight, and he has not demonstrated that he is willing to govern the company at the level that is necessary for public safety.”

Read the Guardian’s UK Politics live blog to get the latest updates on the hearing:

Reconciliation negotiations with Manchin ‘went well,’ Biden says

Documents and recordings obtained by the Guardian shed new light on a powerful and secretive rightwing network and the influence it was able to exert on Trump administration policies favoring the super-rich.

The recordings include speeches given to the Council for National Policy (CNP) by conservative media stars including Dennis Prager, emerging Republican power players such as Charlie Kirk, and close economic advisers to Donald Trump.

Some of the previously published recordings appear to no longer be publicly available.

The Guardian’s independently sourced recordings offer an insight into how much influence conservative economic thinkers – from bodies representing the interests of some of the richest individuals in the country – were able to exert on the supposed populist Trump.

Read the Guardian’s full report:

Biden to visit New Jersey as he faces crucial week for economic agenda


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