Biafra: Kanu attacks Atiku, reveals why Igbo will reject restructuring

Prince Emmanuel Kanu, younger brother to the elusive leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, has berated former Vice President Atiku Abubakar for saying if he becomes president in 2019, he will restructure the country in such a way that IPOB will forget about Biafra.

He insisted that Abubakar’s idea of restructuring was deceitful and makes “no sense.”

Speaking with Daily Sun, Kanu said the former Vice President should do away with his restructuring because what the people of the area needed was Biafra.

Kanu insisted that only the actualisation of Biafra would liberate the people of the South East and ensure total freedom for the region.

He said, “To start with, I don’t exactly know what Atiku means by restructuring. He needs to explain to us what restructuring is all about and the kind of restructuring he is talking about.

“IPOB is a secessionist group and we believe in Biafra and total freedom of our people. What does he mean by restructuring, is it along state or regional line? He should do away with his restructuring.

“Atiku was there when the Nigerian army invaded Nnamdi Kanu’s house and he never said anything, so, why should we, as Biafrans, believe him? We cannot believe him.

“Again, he came to Umuahia without making any attempt to visit the same place soldiers invaded, to see things for himself; so, why should we believe him in the first place.

“The Igbo are not swayed by such statement; he only came to seek our votes and after that, no more.

“Before he came to Abia or Igbo land, he should have been able to understand the meaning of Biafra. For us, Biafra means freedom for us to be free.

“It is completely different from restructuring of the country. We want to be free people, so, what Atiku is saying doesn’t make sense to us; until he does the needful, nobody will take him seriously.

“What we want is Biafra and it’s as simple as ABC. What Atiku said is a political gimmick, they have seen Easterners as people they can use whenever they can, to grab whatever they want, especially when they want our votes. What they do is to run their mouths, and after obtaining our votes, they will leave us where we were. So, Biafra is what can save us.”

Kanu urged people of the South East not to accept Abubakar’s promises because such overture was fraught with deceit.

“Igbo have become wiser in all spheres of live, nobody can deceive us again, not even one million Atikus,” Kanu said.


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