Beyonce told us to quit our jobs so we did – dozens of people go viral for taking new song as a ‘sign from above’

WHEN Break My Soul dropped on music streaming services June 21, many fans were shocked. A new Beyoncé single? In THIS economy?

Some Americans treated the surprise single as a sign from above that they should, in the artist’s words, tell their bosses “boy, bye” and quit their jobs.

Beyoncé talks about leaving a nine-to-five job in her new song, Break My Soul


Beyoncé talks about leaving a nine-to-five job in her new song, Break My SoulCredit: Getty

The new song includes a sentiment in the opening verse that resonated with dozens of workers fed up with unsatisfactory conditions and compensation at their places of employment.

“I just fell in love, and I just quit my job,” Beyoncé sings. “They work me so damn hard. Work by nine, then off past five.”

While some listeners found the lyrics tone-deaf – Beyoncé works hard, but doesn’t struggle to make ends meet in a traditional nine-to-five job like her working-class fanbase – a number of fans took to social media to share how the song inspired them.

“Beyoncé told me to quit my job so I’m putting in my two weeks’ notice today,” one listener reported on Twitter.

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A different person responded, “My last day is next week. Found another job elsewhere. 20k salary increase. The power of Beyoncé y’all.”

Several fans were thrilled to report Beyoncé had “read their minds” when she released the track during their notice periods.

“Beyoncé released Break My Soul the day after I quit my job,” one cheered.

Alexes Salazar, 22, tweeted, “My girlfriend heard Beyoncé’s new song at 11pm and decided to ACTUALLY REAL LIFE QUIT HER JOB AND SHE ACTUALLY REAL LIFE DID IT.”

Salazar and her girlfriend, Giselle Galindo, also 22, spoke to Buzzfeed about the triumphant moment.

Galindo, of San Antonio, Texas, had been considering leaving her Starbucks barista job, especially because two part-time gigs, including one in her career field, could replace the income.

She resigned on Monday, giving two weeks’ notice, but then Break My Soul was released early Tuesday.

“The minute I heard Beyoncé say, ‘I just quit my job,’ I knew I wasn’t going back to my job tomorrow morning,” Galindo told Buzzfeed.

Salazar was in full support. “We both looked at each other and we’re like, ‘Oh my god, it’s a sign. It has to be a sign,’” Salazar told the outlet. “’Don’t go to work tomorrow. Yeah, like, don’t even finish your two weeks.’”

“She just awoke this thing in me that was like, ‘I can do what I want to do and just keep going in life and not have to feel stuck anymore,'” Galindo added.

James Liang, a 31-year-old in Los Angeles, California, had also been considering leaving his full-time job.

Liang was eager to focus on his illustration work, and leave behind his office job.

Beyoncé’s new song was the extra push he needed.

As he listened to the new track minutes after its release, a friend texted him, “I think this new Beyoncé song is about your life right now.” Liang gave his two weeks’ notice the next day.

“I did the thing and then looking back, this sort of affirmed that I was doing the right thing for myself,” he told Buzzfeed.

Both Liang and Galindo were excited about redirecting energy to their passions, and when Beyoncé’s full album comes out in late July, perhaps more fans will follow suitl.

Of course, those passions don’t need to be career-related.

“Beyoncé said quit your job and fall in love,” one Twitter user wrote shortly after Break My Soul was released. “I’m gonna tell this boy I love him because Beyoncé told me so.”


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