Best used convertibles (and the ones to avoid)

We’re not used to seeing the sun because it’s usually masked by low-flying cloud, so when it is revealed we have to enjoy it while we can. That’s what makes convertibles great – they let us bask in the sunshine, even on the way to work.

You might think that UK drivers wouldn’t particularly care for open-top cars but, despite the climate, we actually buy more than most European countries. That’s good news if you want one as it means there’s a welter of very affordable used examples available.

What’s more, there’s a used convertible to suit everyone – from practical and efficient four-seaters that can easily serve as family cars to elegant and luxurious grand tourers that are perfect for wafting around, and even small, sporty two-seaters that are perfect for a sunny weekend.

So, if you’re picturing yourself catching some rays on your school run or commute, check out these fabulous cabrios – we’ve done all the hard work for you and put together a list of our favourites. If you’re tempted, follow the links to our classifieds and go for a test drive in any of the examples in this list.


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