Best SSD for PS5 2021

Right now, there isn’t one.

Update (29/7, 11AM): Sony has finally confirmed the requirements for PS5 SSDs. We’re speaking to drive manufacturers and reading the guidance ourselves to get a list of recommendations, which we’ll add to this page shortly. Stay tuned!

Original article follows below:

Since the news broke that the PS5 would come with an internal NVMe SSD slot, we’ve often been asked which drive is the best choice to expand your game storage on PS5. Fortunately, the answer isn’t that complicated right now. Let’s get straight to it.

What’s the best SSD for PS5?

There isn’t one.

That’s the short version. Want the long version?

Right now, the PS5 doesn’t work with any NVMe drive inserted into its expansion slot.*

It would be irresponsible to say things like “this drive is fast enough” or “we think this SSD might work” because it’s entirely up to Sony which drives they validate as compatible.

They might choose just one, they might certify dozens of options, they might even decide to make their own official drive as Microsoft did with the Seagate Expansion Drive for Series X/S, even though that wouldn’t line up with what’s been previously announced. We just don’t know.

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That means it’s best to wait. As soon as Sony do certify an SSD as compatible, then we’ll update this page with our recommendations. Until then, don’t buy an SSD in the hope that it’ll work, or you may be left with an expensive paperweight instead of the high-speed, high-capacity storage solution you were seeking.


Hopefully it doesn’t take long for Sony to make their move, as right now it’s not possible to even move current-gen games to an external drive just for temporary storage (something that is possible on the Xbox Series X/S). That means your only options for freeing up space are moving PS4 games to an external drive connected via USB (if you have any installed) or deleting PS5 games to redownload or reinstall from disc later – hardly ideal, especially if you’re on a slow internet connection.

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What’s the best external SSD for playing PS4 games on PS5?

If you fancy an external SSD to play PS4 games, whether on PS5 or PS4, then that’s another story – this is possible and we do have some thoughts on the matter.

See our full best portable SSD recommendations here for our pick of the fastest drives – or our best external drives for PS4 article here, if you’d like recommendations for slower but cheaper external hard drives as well.

We’ve also included quick “where to buy” links for the US and UK below if your adblocker is disabled (thanks!). Remember that these drives do work great on PS5, but you’re only able to install, copy or run PS4 games to external drives, even external SSDs like these.

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We hope this article was useful!


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