Best man urged to warn bride after groom's 'concerning' behaviour on stag do

A best man has decided he cannot attend his friend’s wedding due to the groom’s behaviour on the stag do – and he’s now been advised to warn the bride too.

The groom’s friends have found themselves in a moral dilemma after he violently lashed out while drunk on their bonding trip before the big day, with the incident being captured on camera.

In a post online, one of the group explains that one night on the stag do the groom ‘had too much to drink’ and when he was told it was time to go home, he unexpectedly punched the best man.

They clarified that the assault was not a playful slap but a ‘100 per cent punch with power’ and that their friend ‘has a history of being violent when drunk’.

Friends drinking at a bar
The groom has refused to take responsibility for his actions

One friend says the best man made no issues of the punch on the night and still took the groom back to his room safely and looked after him ‘while taking all the abuse in the world’.

In the following days, the groom made no apology for his actions and at first the best man was ‘willing to accept this’ and had even called the groom to discuss it and move on.

However, a video later emerged of the incident and the best man says it was far worse than he thought it had been – and also discovered the groom had seen the video days before and still made no attempt to apologise.

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Another friend in the group wrote on Reddit: “Groom had not formally apologised for this. So best man has stomped down and decided he cannot go to the wedding given the fact that the groom lashed out uncalled for at the stag do without apology.

“Is this acceptable and what would you guys do in this instance as best man? Thanks for any advice guys.”

People flooded the comments to say the best man was absolutely doing the right thing in not attending the wedding, and urged him to also reach out to the bride-to-be.

One wrote: “Has the bride seen the video? I would be seriously concerned about her safety marrying someone that would do that when p***ed and apparently see nothing wrong with it.”

A second wrote: “No such thing as a violent drunk in my opinion. Just violent people who think they have an alibi after a pint.”

And another added: “Dude, I know others have said this but the bride NEEDS to know about this!”


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