Home lifestyle Best air beds 2020 for a perfect night's sleep

Best air beds 2020 for a perfect night's sleep

Best air beds 2020 for a perfect night's sleep

Heading off on a camping holiday this summer? Getting ready for guests to come and stay in your spare room? The best air beds offer an affordable way to get a comfy forty winks – whether it’s for your or your visitors.

New airtight systems mean that waking up in the morning on a deflated, pancake-flat mat are (usually) now a thing of the past, and air beds can be a very cosy option for spare rooms, hiking weekends, outdoor adventures and camping getaways.

You’ll usually need a pump to inflate them, although some do come with a pump included and even with an in-built pump in some cases.

Whether you’re looking to add some luxury to your wanderlust or need extra sleep stations at home, we’ve rounded up the best air beds for your next adventure below.

Best air beds for 2020

1. Active Era Air Bed

A built-in electric pump you say? That’s right, it’s integrated into the blow-up bed to allow full inflation in just 1.5 minutes.

There’s also a built-in raised pillow that offers added neck and head support for a great night’s sleep. There’s also a soft-touch waterproof flock making it perfect for use both at home or when camping. Comes in single, double and king size.

Price: £59.99 (single), Amazon – buy here now

2. Pavillo Air bed Quick Inflation Outdoor Camping Air Mattress

Camp in comfort thanks to this flock-top air bed that has a coil beam construction for extra snug yet stable levels.

The easy screw valve makes inflating and deflating nice and quick, and there’s also a repair patch in case of any accidents.

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One customer who has had the mattress for two years said: “In short, it’s been a godsend. It’s been used several times in that time frame, without a single problem. I have never experienced loss of air during the night, and have always found it to be comfortable.

“Super easy and super quick to inflate, and easy to deflate and put away.”

Price: £19.99, Amazon – buy here now

3. Coleman Air bed Maxi Comfort

Reliable, comfortable and portable, this air bed is perfect for anything from a weekend away with friends or to put on your living room floor if friends are visiting.

Easy to inflate (we suggest an electric pump over a hand option any day), it barely deflates overnight and is easy to fold up and put away when not in use. It also comes with a handy carry bag to make it simple to lug around.

Price: £61.91, Amazon – buy here now

4. Milestone Camping Air bed

Have you got kids asking to camp in the garden? Or a camping weekend with friends on the horizon? This cheap and reliable single air bed is an ideal companion.

The flocked top is waterproof and helps to prevent sheets sliding off (if you even want to use any) in the night. It’s also got a built-in safety valve that will help you to inflate and deflate the bed quickly – under a minute.

Price: £11.52, Amazon – buy here now

5. Sable Twin Size Air bed

No sheets? No problem. You don’t need any with this comfy flocked-top air bed that you can sleep directly on top of.

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Extra comfort comes in the form of a small in-built pillow, and practically it ticks the boxes too, being super-easy to inflate with an electric pump.

A great little buy that’s ideal for guests or staycations.

Price: £29.99, Amazon – buy here now

6. Campingaz Air bed Smart Quickbed

Fed up with your air bed deflating overnight? We hear you. You’ve got leak-free reliability thanks to an airtight system with a double lock valve, that also makes for easy and fast inflation and deflation.

The integrated inflatable pillows are a cosy feature, and they also hide an easy-to-access storage area too.

The flocked surface is comfortable and snug, and it folds up easily for compact transportability.

Price: £41.99, Amazon – buy here now

7. Outwell Flock Excellent Double Air Bed

Outwell always offers reliable camping furniture, and this air bed is no different.

It offers a comfortable snooze, with a cosy flocked top and a firm edge for extra stability during the night.

It’s got a double-seal valve to keep air-leaking to a minimum, and there’s a carry bag for easy transportation at the campground.

One John Lewis customer wrote: “A great product – quick to inflate, and very comfortable to sleep on. It’s a nice height off the floor, and doesn’t deflate during the night.” Don’t forget, you’ll need to get a pump separately.

Price: £43.40, John Lewis – buy here now

8. Trespass Double Flocked Air Bed with Mains Pump

With over a thousand reviews, this air bed is a bestseller at Argos, and comes with a soft-touch top for a cosy night’s sleep.

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It can be inflated and deflated in under three minutes and has a double lock valve to prevent air leaks. It also comes with a mains-operated pump included. Bonus.

Price: £30, Argos – buy here now



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