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Bentley Continental GT Mulliner Blackline

Bentley Continental GT Mulliner Blackline

The Bentley Continental GT Mulliner Blackline arrives to deliver the same ‘black chrome’ option already available on Bentley’s non-Mulliner cars.

There was a time, not so very long ago, when a sign of a car’s luxury was the amount of chrome plastered across its body. But no more. Now, it seems that what once shone needs to be black to signify opulence.

For Bentley, that means a ‘Blackline’ option for its cars which turns on the black theme, and so successful has it been that almost 40 per cent of all Bentleys are now specced with the Blackline option.

Having seen such a big takeup for the Blackline option, Bentley has decided buyers will now be able to option the Continental GT Mulliner with the same Blackline treatment as the non-Mulliner cars. Although we’re pretty sure Bentley would have done so before, albeit at a greater cost than the new Blackline option.

There’s nothing that really sets the Mulliner Blackline treatment apart from the same treatment across the rest of the range, with everything bright on the outside turned black apart from the ‘Winged B’ and the ‘Mulliner’ branding on the wing vents, and a chrome band around the self-levelling badges on the 22″ black alloys.

Expect the additional cost of the Blackline option to be at least as much as the £3,280 it costs across the rest of the Continental GT range.


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