Bentley Bentayga Hybrid 2021 long-term review


There’s still plenty I could leave out. I don’t need the 22in rims of the Mulliner Driving Specification, but some of the other touches (diamond quilting, embossed Bentley emblems and so on) are lovely. Once you’ve heard the Naim audio, you wouldn’t want to be without that, either. But I would probably ditch the Touring Specification, because I hate lan- keeping assistance, am not that keen on active cruise control, don’t need night vision and only really want the head-up display; and life would go on without front seats that air your nether regions while simultaneously massaging your back. I love the rear blinds. But picnic tables and rear privacy glass? Not for me, either. 

The car is here and I’m just getting to know it. And I know already that if my finances are to survive the next three months, I must run on cheap-as-chips home-delivered electricity as much as possible. It won’t help much on long runs, but it will encourage me to use the Bentley for local journeys where I would have left a V8 behind, because if the journey is less than 25 miles (exactly the return mileage to my local town), this enormous Bentley will be cheaper by far to run than the faithful family 1.5-litre Volkswagen Golf. I’m looking forward to it already.

Second opinion: Steve Cropley

Not long ago, people said that if you could afford a Bentley, you could afford the fuel. Ergo, the cost of the fuel (and by inference, its environmental effect) didn’t matter. But in 2021, the instant popularity of this new Hybrid model puts the lie to that. Better still, the Hybrid adds a new dimension to low-speed driving, a smoothness and silence even the W12 can’t match. So you can buy this car on the grounds of pleasure as well as conscience. 


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