Below Deck Sailing Yacht's Captain Glenn Reveals Cause of Season 2 Boat Crash

In fact, per the captain, “hitting the dock like that can be a season ending incident. It can be very serious.”

Not to mention, as Captain Glenn detailed it, this was something that made the whole crew look bad. “It’s just something you want to avoid,” he noted. “I’ve avoided it all my career and, of course, now with the cameras rolling it happens.”

Although Captain Glenn knows he’ll “take a lot of flak” for this incident, he reminded us that these “things do happen.” Understandably, he also shared that this moment was not a high point in his career.

Thankfully, the captain was able to find the humor in the situation. He even quipped, “I promise you I didn’t do it on purpose for the drama.”

For the extent of the damage and the full crash, you’ll have to tune into season two of BDSY.


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